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Hi Dxj Pls help Due on 02/15/12 In 2007 Andrew Speaker

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Hi Dxj Pls help

Due on 02/15/12

In 2007 Andrew Speaker was diagnosed with an extremely drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis. Despite knowing his diagnosis, he traveled by commercial airplane to Europe to be married and to go on his honeymoon. He tried to re-enter the United States through Canada where he was eventually quarantined by the CDC. This was a very controversial case for many reasons and has implications on the role that various governmental agencies should play in the health threats such as tuberculosis.

Research the Andrew Speaker case to familiarize yourself with the relevant facts of this case, including both biological and legal aspects. Consider these facts in light of the legal and ethical concepts discussed in this week’s chapter on the public health strategies for epidemic disease.

Answer Questions below in 250-350 words:

1) Explain the purpose of containment strategies used to quarantine infectious diseases.
-I think to prevent the infection from spreading and possibly leading to an epidemic.

2) What were Andrew Speaker’s rights? What was he entitled to do?
-I think he had the right to get treatment of his choice.

3) Did he abuse his liberties as a U.S. citizen? Support your response.
-I'm not sure i dont think he did.

4) Was CDC justified in using compulsory powers against him? Support your response.
-In a way they were right to use compulsory power to make he was not spreading the infection

5) What are important implications of this case on how public health agencies address cases of tuberculosis?

-public health agencies may need to constantly evalute policies regarding infectious disease and traveling

Course Text: Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint

Chapter 11, “Public Health Strategies for Epidemic Disease”

DXJAnswerMagic :

Hi! I know this case well! I consulted with the WHO on this one:-) Small world.........I can help!

Customer: Oh great. I remember it too
DXJAnswerMagic :

:-) Do you remember the people in the U.S. who wnated this person euthanized?

DXJAnswerMagic :

Your answers are here.

DXJAnswerMagic :

They should open in a new window.

DXJAnswerMagic :

Hope this helps!

DXJAnswerMagic :

How many more weeks until graduation?

DXJAnswerMagic :

Are you getting excited or nervous yet? DXJ



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