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Can someone help with these questions? http://www

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Can someone help with these questions?

Hello, Thank you for letting me help you here. I am going to answer this first section, True and False, and submit it so you are not kept waiting, then I will work on the other sections. If you have any questions feel free to ask.



Part 1- True/False

  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. False
  6. True
  7. False
  8. False
  9. True
  10. True
  11. True
  12. True
  13. True
  14. False
  15. True
  16. False
  17. True
  18. False
  19. True
  20. True
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When I submitted this the Numbers were there, they seem to have disappeared when I answered it. They are in order numbers 1 through 20

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks so much. I will add a bonus when all are finish.

Multiple Choice


1. D

2. A

3. D

4. B

5. C

6. B

7. D

8. A

9. C







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Matching- 1-10


1. Students with special needs or students with exceptionalities- gifted or disabled students


2. Custom dictionaries- I do not see any choice in column 2 that best represents this choice


3. Dysgraphia- illegible handwriting, and/or fine motor skills


4. Concept mapping- tools to support idea formation


5. Word prediction software- guesses the next word on the babis of the first letters typed or a particular activity


6. Diverse learners- students with varying skill levels


7. Talking spell checkers- reads aloud misspelled words and suggested corrections


8. Recorded books- reads aloud printed text, provides enhanced visual display


9. High-interest, low-level books-content presented at an easier level


10. Scan/read systems-audio input to replace or supplement printed text

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Matching- Part II- 11-20


11. Assistive listening devices- support students who have hearing difficulties


12. Sound field amplification system- classroom loudspeakers


13. Augmentative communication- supports people who cannot speak


14. Personal amplification system- student wears an audio receiver


15. StickyKeys- allows sequential input rather than simultaneous input


16. MouseKeys-control the computer pointer using numeric keys


17. Expanded keyboard- larger keys and surface area than standard keyboard


18. Pointing device- for students who cannot press a single key


19. Onscreen keyboard- a monitor on which one can type


20. Touch screen- a monitor that takes commands from touch

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Short Answer


1. They are both exceptional and need alternative methods of teaching to help them be successful.


2. spell-check, stickykeys, mousekeys, speech to text


3. recorded books are books which are read aloud to students, while high interest low level books are books on par with a students reading level which would be of high interest topics. For example, that way someone in high-school who has difficulty reading is not reading "Clifford" but instead a topic which is of interest to them.


4. FM System


5. Sticky Keys allow you to press one key at a time, for example to capitalize a letter, and mouse keys are using the key pad to control the mouse


6. A pointing device is an input device which allows a user to input information by clicking, dragging, or pointing through a series of gestures. ie, a mouse


7. A screen reader can help someone who is visually impaired by using text to speech to try to interpret what is on the screen


8. Assistive technology is technology designed to assist students in completing functions that may otherwise prove difficult through the use of a variety of devices.


9. Educational technology can help gifted students by facilitating learning through challenging activities and increase productivity through the use of technology.


10. Differentiated instruction is matching a students learning style to their abilities through instruction that is tailored to meet their individual needs.

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Hello again. I'm sorry but I'm. It going to be able to do the essay for you at this time. I have to teach in the morning and will be unavailable most of tomorrow. However, I can provide you with ideas for the two essays.

Essay 1- Reading supported by educational technology
- recorded books, including audio books
- text to speech programs
- OCR software

Essay 2- UDL

Check out these two resources

I hope I have assisted you this evening. I put a lot of time and effort into your answers. If you feel to same, I would greatly appreciate it if you accept my answers so that I am credited with my responses. Thank you and have a wonderful night.

SPeducation and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

For SPeducation


Can you help with these?

Due Date: March 8, 2012

I am willing to give a bonus.

Hello, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you you again. I will take a look at the questions and let you know if it is something I will be able to do. Give me a couple of hours, and I will let you know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok I will give a nice bonus for your time and effort



Hello again. What I am going to do is submit each page as I finish it. The first page I am going to submit is page 443, True and False.


Write "T" if the statement is true and "F" if the statement is false.

1. Included in academic software are programs that help the teacher to teach and the

learner to learn. True

2. Multimedia systems developed by a teacher using an authoring system can be used in large and small groups, with individuals for review and reinforcement, or to study a

missed lesson. True

3. The term "clip art" comes from the days of manual page layout using scissors and

paste. True

4. Many clip art images are available on the Internet free of charge. True

5. Unfortunately, when you input a clip art image, you have to use it the way it is because you usually cannot manipulate it. False

6. B. F. Skinner is associated with problem-solving software. True

7. Reference software is the kind of software XXXXX XXXXX will use to find biographical

information on First Ladies for his research project on the topic "First Ladies in the

White House and Afterward." True

8. Lt. Col. Roddy Arnheim, a flight instructor for the Junior ROTC at Brooks High

School, should use tutorial software to put the students into a virtual cockpit to prepare

them for their private pilot's rating. True

9. Software that has an audio component to convey text that appears on the monitor to

students with hearing disabilities is backup software. False

10. A networked management system that features standards, frameworks, and tests

incorporated into a curriculum, as well as progress tracking and reporting, is referred to

as an integrated learning system. True

11. Computers tend to freeze up when they are forced to repeat information for a learner many, many times. False

12. Draw programs let the user create and manipulate digital pictures with electronic pens and brushes and even spray-paint can tools. True

Also, I wanted to know before I continued, if you had any reference materials that I can refer to. I know a lot of the answers, but others would be helpful if I had something to reference. If not, I will do my best to answer the questions.

For some reason my answer double posted. Please ignore this particular post.
Page 444- True/False continued.

13. Using a paint program, you can modify or print individual pieces of artwork. True

14. Desktop publishing software enables teachers to create complex illustrations and

graphic images. True

15. When creating their own multimedia tutorials for students, teachers generally use

authoring software. This depends on how complex of authoring software we are talking about. If it is something as simple as Microsoft Powerpoint, then True. If they are talking about more complex authoring software programs, then False.

16. Academic software includes the software that can be used to enrich the teaching and

learning environment for both teachers and students. True

17. Draw programs use tools that simulate drawing and painting tools to create images. True

18. In education, reference software is useful because it can provide Internet search

engines to find targeted data. False

19. While tutorials present new material, drill-and-practice software is designed to

reinforce previously learned content. True

20. Educational games, because of their entertainment value, have little application in a

classroom. False

21. Hardware and software combinations designed to assist students in learning target

objectives are referred to as integrated learning systems. True

22. Concept mapping software helps students to visually organize ideas and their

relationships. True

23. The advantage of problem-solving software is that it addresses the needs of students

who have a physical or learning disability. False

24. The cost of academic software includes both its acquisition cost and the time

necessary to install, support, and learn to use it. True/False- this I believe varies by provider of the software. There are some programs that include training, installation, and support, while others you are just purchasing the software itself. However, I believe most academic software only include the cost of the software itself.

25. Hypermedia not only uses multimedia but also organizes information so that students

can access it in a nonlinear fashion. True

26. Web authoring software assists teachers and students in the creation of pages

designed for use on the World Wide Web. True

27. Two applications of desktop publishing software are the creation of custom transparencies and class newsletters. True

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There was no references/book
Ok, that is fine. I'm doing ok without it. Onto the multiple choice questions now...

Ok, here is Multiple Choice page 445-446



Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the


1. When a teacher uses a software authoring program to create a unique lesson and the resulting hypermedia program is stored in HTML, the tool used was probably

A) a hypermedia authoring tool.

B) a Web authoring system.

C) an HTML authoring tool.

D) a multimedia authoring system.


2. Educators can create sophisticated documents, certificates, flash cards, letters, field trip reports, and so on using

A) desktop publishing software.

B) graphics software.

C) hypermedia authoring tools.

D) Web authoring systems.


3. Software that includes clip art libraries and enables the user to draw, paint, and

manipulate objects is known as

A) multimedia software.

B) graphics software.

C) hypermedia.

D) editing software.


4. Which of the following is NOT one of the three categories of graphics software?

A) Editing software.

B) Imaging software.

C) Multimedia software.

D) Drawing software.


5. The three functions of graphics software are

A) creating, sorting, and imaging.

B) sorting, imaging, and enhancing.

C) parsing, imaging, and sorting.

D) creating, editing, and enhancing.


6. Using the DVC online site to research learning styles, Mrs. McCarthy sees bold,

underlined topics in the text. By clicking on "Learning Styles Survey" as she reads

through the text, she can skip to a survey to find out her own and her students' dominant learning styles; then, with another click, she can return to the home page. This "skipping" between interactive pages is made possible by

A) howlers.

B) interpreters.

C) translators.

D) hyperlinks.


7. Bertha Simon, who teaches computer classes at Backus High School, has been asked by her principal to make a large banner welcoming the football team back after they have won the state championship. She uses this kind of software:

A) Spreadsheet.

B) Desktop publishing.

C) Presentation.

D) Communications.


8. By storyboarding a lesson built with hypermedia authoring software, you can create

A) multimedia software.

B) antivirus software.

C) sniffer software.

D) firewall software.


9. Ms. Axelrod considers her ninth-grade Spanish class to be unique in their needs and levels of performance. She has found no commercial software that correlates with her curriculum, so she is using

A) authoring systems software.

B) drill-and-practice software.

C) tutorial software.

D) graphics software.


10. To create a document with graphics, video, and sound to link with other documents is to use

A) paint programs.

B) conceptual media.

C) draw programs.

D) hypermedia.


11. When you purchase a scanner, it will probably come with

A) drawing software.

B) imaging software.

C) multimedia software.

D) paint software.

Multiple Choice Part II- Pages 447-448


12. Software that lets the user "melt" one image into another has the special effect known as

A) morphing.

B) animation.

C) dissolving.

D) wiping.

E) transmuting.


13. Predesigned graphic elements that can be inserted in student handouts, flyers, or posters are called

A) images.

B) drawings.

C) clip art.

D) G-elements.


14. Software that provides students the opportunity to interact with model environments and promote discovery learning is

A) integrated learning systems.

B) simulations.

C) educational games.

D) drill-and-practice.


15. When selecting an authoring system, a teacher should consider

A) whether concept mapping is included.

B) ease of use and capabilities.

C) the grade level of the software that is produced.

D) the edutainment value of the software that is produced.


16. When creating a hypermedia lesson, a teacher typically

A) plans the sequence of instructional screens and then uses authoring tools to create software that follows that sequence.

B) designs a concept map that can then be converted to a student handout for the lesson.

C) converts all files to PDF files before uploading them to a web page.

D) adds the appropriate computer-assisted instruction to the traditional lesson plan.


17. The type of software that is typically used to create, edit, and enhance digital images is

A) clip art libraries.

B) desktop publishing software.

C) referencing software.

D) graphics software.


18. Software that presents new material using text and multimedia and may include built in management components is

A) tutorial software.

B) drill-and-practice software.

C) simulation software.

D) educational games.


19. Speech synthesizers and screen readers are examples of

A) integrated learning systems.

B) educational games.

C) special needs software.

D) simulation software.


20. Problem-solving software is a class of academic software in which students

A) practice essential skills multiple times until they have mastery.

B) try out simulated real-world experiences.

C) can acquire skills in and practice forming and testing hypotheses and solutions.

D) are instructed in content while playing video games.


21. When acquiring academic software, the teacher's primary role is to

A) evaluate and identify appropriate software for classroom instruction.

B) identify the computer specifications for the software under consideration.

C) teach children how to use the software.

D) install purchased software on all computers in the classroom.


Next up matching, then finally short answer.

Matching: Match the following.


1. Reference software- Text- and picture-rich source for information


2. Educational games-"Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" is an example of this type.


3. Hypermedia authoring systems- Produce multimedia with jumps or links


4. Draw programs- Includes drawing, imaging, and editing software


5. Web authoring systems- Produce multimedia software to use on the World Wide Web


6. Desktop publishing software- Creates professional printed or digital pages


7. Graphics software- Use vector graphics to create images


8. Multimedia authoring systems- Produce sophisticated multimedia software


9. Paint programs- Create images as an artist would do


10. Imaging software- Present a situation in a virtual format


11. Problem-solving software- Allows students to practice problem-solving skills


12. Drill-and-practice- Practices previously taught concepts



13. Concept mapping- Creates visuals of a brainstorming session


14. Tutorial software- Presents and practices new material


15. Simulation- Enables students to interact with a model


16. Special needs software- Assists students with learning disabilities


17. Games- Practice content via a game format


18. Reference- Can help students with grammar


19. Graphics software- Assists students in creating and editing digital images



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Ok, here is the last section: Short Answer. I hope this is what you were looking for in regards XXXXX XXXXX for this section.


1. What type of software is the best to use for a self-paced, self-check review of basic

math skills, including 200 math exercises on three levels of difficulty?


Drill and Practice


2. Which type of software should Mrs. Hendrick use with her three hearing-impaired



Speech Recognition Software



3. If you were superintendent of a school district in a high-end socioeconomic area and

were looking for software that would make it easy for your teachers, principals, and

curriculum directors to share administrative and academic information, what kind of

software would you select and why?


I would select a "learning management system" because it can be used to maintain educational records, and collaborate online with teachers and administrators.



4. Explain briefly how hypermedia serves to reinforce and enhance learning with

educational software.


Hypermedia can reinforce and enhance learning through educational software by providing students the opportunity to become an "author" of their own learning by constructing knowledge through various links and activities they choose to explore. By doing so, students gain a deeper understanding of knowledge, and use higher level thinking in order to gain that knowledge. In addition, by using hypermedia, students become more engaged in their learning, therefore making the deeper connections we wish for them to seek.



Once again, I hope I have assisted you this evening. I put a lot of time and effort into your answers. If you feel to same, I would greatly appreciate it if you accept my answers so that I am credited with my responses. Thank you and have a wonderful night.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

For SPeducation
Can you help with these?


Attachment: 2012-03-28_210344_assignment_9_alcorn.doc

Hello and thank you again for requesting me. When do you need these by?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Friday, March 30, 2012
Ok, no problem. I should be able to get them to you by later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok Thanks

Hello, here are the first 25 questions, True or False.





The multiple choice will be along shortly

SPeducation and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you

Here are the short answer questions:



Short Answer


1. The Internet is a connection of the whole world with billions of individual computers. The Internet consists of huge quantities of data, accessed by request, with simple search terms. The Internet is also a means of communication and contact by millions of people over vast distances.


2. Email will help more students get involved with their lessons because of the ability to have students collaborate together and rely on each other transferring research to one another instantaneously.


3. FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol", and is the exchange of program and data files from one system to another via a network.


4. Yes there is a difference between the World Wide Web, and the Internet. The difference being that the Internet is a massive network infrastructure, connecting millions of computers together and the World Wide Web is a foundation on the Internet that is a means to accessing the information.


5. A search engine is a website with the ability to connect you to millions of WebPages pertaining to certain key words you input.


6. The Internet was first used by advanced development teams in companies to link offices together for job sites. Now, everyone uses the Internet!



I will work on providing you information for the essays, but I cannot write the essays for you as I have other jobs waiting. If I have assisted you thus far, I would appreciate it if you accept my answer so that I receive credit from the site. Thank you for requesting me again, it is always a pleasure!

SPeducation and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you

Here are the ideas for the essays.



* through pen pals with other buildings
* student collaboration
* With interactive assignments
* Concern would be issues with knowledge of using the Internet
* Loss of context over e-mail exchange


* video conferencing, useful to talk with individuals in different areas of the world
* E-mail to provide real time updates to students and new assignments
* Search engine has become an invaluable tool for learning.


Once again, thank you for allowing me to work on these for you. Please feel free to request me at anytime!

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Did you get a chance to do the multiple choice questions? I didn't see those posted

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