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Manal Elkhoshkhany
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Hi Business Tutor, I can use your assistance with a quiz for

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Hi Business Tutor, I can use your assistance with a quiz for my course. What is a good time to meet with you?
Please post the questions Sam, don't we have 12 hours as usual?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Here are the questions, thank you:


A "primary" stock market is: (Points : 1)
a big internationally-important market like the NYSE.
a market where corporations issue new shares to initial investors.
where brokers and market makers trade.
None of the above

2. The vast majority of new international bond offerings: (Points : 1)
make annual coupon payments.
have fixed coupon payments.
have a fixed maturity.
All of the above

3. A domestic bank that follows a multinational client abroad to preserve that banking relationship: (Points : 1)
is playing the role of the desperate housewife in this relationship.
is pursuing a wholesale defensive strategy.
is pursuing a retail defensive strategy.
None of the above

4. Major distinguishing features between domestic banks and international banks are: (Points : 1)
the types of deposits they accept.
the types of loans and investments they make.
membership in loan syndicates.
All of the above

5. A bank may establish a multinational operation for the reason of home country information services. The underlying rationale being: (Points : 1)
By maintaining foreign branches and foreign currency balances, banks may reduce transaction costs and foreign exchange risk on currency conversion if government controls can be circumvented.
Local firms may be able to obtain from a foreign subsidiary bank operating in their country more complete trade and financial market information about the subsidiary's home country than they can obtain from their own domestic banks.
The foreign bank subsidiary can draw on the parent bank's knowledge of personal contacts and credit investigations for use in that foreign market.
Greater stability of earnings is possible with international diversification. Offsetting business and monetary policy cycles across nations reduces the country-specific risk of any one nation.

6. In which type of policy actions by the Fed can liquidity "dry up"? (Points : 1)
Easy money
Tight money
Decrease in the reserve requirement
Decrease in the discount rate

7. Banks that perform traditional commercial banking functions and also engage in investment banking activities are often called: (Points : 1)
international service banks.
investment banks.
commercial banks.
merchant banks.

8. A "foreign bond" issue is: (Points : 1)
one denominated in a particular currency but sold to investors in national capital markets other than the country that issued the denominating currency.
one offered by a foreign borrower to investors in a national market and denominated in that nation's currency.
for example, a German MNC issuing dollar-denominated bonds to U.S. investors.
b) and c)

9. The role of an underwriter is to: (Points : 1)
help negotiate terms with the borrower.
ascertain market conditions.
manage the issuance.
all of the above.

10. A correspondent bank relationship is established when: (Points : 1)
two banks maintain deposits with one another.
two banks write to each other about the credit conditions of their countries.
a group of banks form a syndicate to spread out the risk and cost of a large bond offering.
All of the above

Got them Sam :)


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