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Gwyn, Teacher
Category: Homework
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The only think I need you to do is comment on the responses.

Resolved Question:

The only think I need you to do is comment on the responses.
Dq 1. which will affect you most as a teacher? Why?

Comment 1. I think funding would be my main concern as well. When I graduated with my 2 year degree I was on track to be hired by the local elementary school. I graduated in May and in June there was a hiring freeze. I did not get a job in the school system until October. The job I do is at jeopardy everyday. Enrollment in my program is essential to keeping my job. My job is funded by the school itself with the budget they are given. So far my principal has found a way for the last four years to keep me on. But as money is having to go back to DPI, my job security is not there. As well as changing into a TA position, they are letting TA's go, do to funding as well. With no funding for teachers, TA's and support staff, the ones that are employed, Certified Teachers, have to pick up and cover classrooms that have absense's, they have to take their planning periods and watch students at lunch and in hall ways. This takes away from the students because lessons are not being planned and the teachers are stretched out. Funding teachers jobs as well as support staff helps the students to be productive and successful, without it the school loses many valuable jobs and staff members, due to cuts. This also includes Certified Teachers positions.
Comment 2. Does anyone find it unsettling that the budget of the US Department of Education is over $70 Billion annually? That’s money that did not need to be taken from the taxpayers in the local communities that have to fund the schools. I remember the first time I went down to my school district office to turn in my application to substitute, I was not sure if maybe I should remove my shoes before entering. I loved the 65” flat screen television hanging on the wall as I walked in that was playing a slide show of student pictures, I also was very impressed by the glass offices, $10 thousand solid oak conference tables and the two secretaries for the lady in charge of substitutes. The amount of money that is just flat wasted by these bureaucracies is criminal and you have taxpayers that can hardly feed their children paying for it.
Comment 3. I think the priority is the military, and I understand that. But the budget from the Government and my own state government does reflect education as a top priority. When I think about what teachers go through everyday and how they are not thought of as the "Top Priority" it kills me. Everyone in congress, mostly, has some kind of college. How did they obtain that? Where there not teachers who taught them? Governments need to realize that teachers are teaching the next presidents, congressmen, and women, as well as training the next workforce. But yet teachers are the lowest paid in any state. Bank president make more than teachers, who taught them to add and subtract?( well some know how any way) :)
DQ 2 How would you deal with a bully in your classroom? Provide reasoning.
Comment 1. I tend to be very firm with children. If I were to have a bully in the classroom I would make sure that it is very clear that the behavior will not be tolerated, I believe that most people make the error of being to kind to the children and treating them like toddlers. I have learned from experience that children will get away with what they want and what they can. I think of children as opportunist, if you allow them they will keep pushing. I have dealt with bullies for my son and children that I have seen bullying others outside where my son plays. I don't ask them to stop like I hear most people do, I demand it. I would treat my classroom the same way if there is a bully I would demand the behavior stop and I would punish it accordingly. If the problem persists I would not waste any time with trying to continue to fix the problem. I would pursue the matter with the necessary higher ups to go as far as getting the child removed from the school. My view on bullying is I will not have my children have to worry about coming to school to learn, I would much rather get rid of the problem entirely.
Comment 2. I believe that when it comes to behavior, adults have to be strict when it comes to right and wrong. Today, too many adults laugh it off whenever children misbehave or if they see a kid bullying someone they say things like "they're just being kids." If I caught one of my students bullying another, I would first take him/her aside and tell the student that the behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I would also make a note to the students parents to let them know what is going on and that there could be serious consequences if s/he kept on. If the bullying continued I would report it to the administrators so that they could decide how to proceed.
Comment 3. I plan on being very firm with students when it comes to bullying. I will make sure that all of my students know that bullying will not be tolerated and that there will be consequences if a student is caught bullying another. I like the way our local elementary educates the students on bullying. The school has a bully prevention week where students are taught about bullying and how it effects people. At the end of the week all of the students sign a bully proof contract in their classrooms. Parents are also asked to sign the contract so that they understand the consequences their child will have. The contract outlines types of bullying and then gives a list of consequences.
Comment 4. I would deal with a bully in my classroom in a firm, but professional way. I will let the bullying child know at the beginning of the class that there is no bullying allow in the classroom. I will provide a rule chart stating that " No bullying allow". I will also explain to them bullying a friend hurts them emotionally and physically. I will provide a classroom that will prevent bullying by making it safe, fun, and happy. I will let them know that bullying is not acceptable in my class.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.
Is there a word count for the comments? Is it for each question or combined?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
no more than 125
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.
Total? or for each one?
Is this due tomorrow?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.
125 total words or 500 total??
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
125 for each comment
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.
Thank you. I just wanted to make sure. :-)
A bonus would be appreciated due to the word count.
Expert:  Gwyn replied 5 years ago.

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