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16. Which of the following is not one of the objectives of

Resolved Question:

16. Which of the following is not one of the objectives of benchmarking?
a. To identify the best practices in performing various value chain activities
b. To take actions to improve a company's cost competitiveness when benchmarking reveals that its costs and results of performing an activity are not as good as what other companies have achieve
c. To develop cross-company comparisons of the costs of performing specific value chain activities
d. To learn which company in an industry is using the greatest number of best practices in performing its value chain activities and thus very likely has the industry's lowest cost value chain
e. To learn how other companies have actually achieved lower costs or better results in performing benchmarked activities

17. Which of the following is not an option for lowering the costs of distribution-related activities
a. Placing more emphasis on selling through cheaper distribution channels, such as making direct sales via the Internet
b. Collaborating closely with forward channel allies to identify win-win opportunities to reduce costs
c. Implementing an activity-based cost accounting system for all distribution-related activities and ceasing to perform all those distribution-related activities having unacceptably high cos
d. Pressuring distributors-dealers and other forward channel allies to reduce their costs and markups so as to make the final price to buyers more competitive with the prices of rivals
e. Integrating forward into company-owned retail outlets (in the event this proves to be a cheaper means of accessing customers)

18. When a company performs an activity quite well and that activity is central to its strategy and competitiveness, it is said to have:
a. a company competence in performing that activity.
b. the potential for a competitive advantage over rivals.
c. a resource strength in performing that activity.
d. a core competence in performing that activity.
e. a distinctive competence in performing that activity.

19. Which of the following is not an example of an external threat to a company's future profitability?
a. Growing buyer interest in purchasing substitute products
b. Adverse demographic changes that threaten to curtail demand for the industry's product
c. Having too few resource capabilities that are well-matched to the company's available market opportunities
d. Costly new regulatory requirements
e. Growing bargaining power on the part of the company's major customers and/or major suppliers

20. A company's value chain:
a. consists of the primary activities that it performs in seeking to deliver value to shareholders in the form of higher dividends and a higher stock price.
b. depicts all of the different activities a company performs and indicates what percentage of the company's total profits is contributed by each of the various activities.
c. concerns the basic process the company goes through in performing R&D and developing new product
d. consists of two broad categories of activities: the primary activities that are foremost in creating value for the customer and the requisite support activities that facilitate and enhance the performance of the primary activities
e. depicts all of the different activities a company performs and indicates how much each activity contributes to the overall shareholder value.
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