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1.the stories of several southerners—Colonel Daniel Jordan;

Resolved Question:

1.the stories of several southerners—Colonel Daniel Jordan; a nameless Texan; XXXXX XXXXX and his wife Nancy; Octave Johnson; and Ferdinand Steel—to make the point that

A.The antebellum South was marked by great diversity, but at its core it was unified by its slave-based agricultural economy.
B.the antebellum South had the reputation for being unified in its views of slavery, but actually only a few in the South actively supported the slave-based agricultural economy.
C. the South was unique among the sections of the U.S. because of racist attitudes and the speculative approach to farming that characterized all classes of its citizens.
D. the South was not much different from other sections, except that the income of the majority of southerners came from slave-grown cotton, while elsewhere the majority of Americans grew corn or wheat with their own labor.

2. Manufacturing lagged in the South because

A.whites believed slaves could not do industrial work.
B.slaveowners lacked capital to invest in manufacturing.
C.high profits from agriculture discouraged other possible investments.
D.the South lacked a suitable white workforce, since immigrants settled in the North.

3.The upper-class plantation mistress

A.accepted a sexual code that kept white women pure but tolerated sexual relations between white men and slave women.
B.lived a life of leisure centered around artistic and literary pursuits.
C.enjoyed the unique luxury of criticizing her own role in society as well as the slave system in general.
D.faced an unexpected variety of burdensome managerial and service duties.

4. In North America, slave revolts were ________; in Latin American slave societies, full-scale revolts were ________.

A.common; extremely rare
B.very rare; nearly nonexistent
C.extremely rare; common and involved large numbers of slaves
D.numerous but small; nearly impossible to organize

5. Which of the following was NOT a United States territorial acquisition in the 1840s?

B.Oregon south of the 49th parallel
C.the area between the Rockies and California
D.the area between the Rockies and the Missouri River

6. Mexico's northern frontier provinces developed

A.with little influence or control from Mexico City.
B.according to plans conceived and directed from Mexico City.
C.under the predominant influence of the Catholic church.
D.despite a failure of the Mexican government to provide incentives for settlement.

7. The antislavery message of the Free Soil supporters was first introduced in what form? a label for a new political party that attracted supporters from among both Whigs and Democrats a proposed legislated policy: the Wilmot Proviso a method by which new territories would be organized in the Compromise of 1850 a lengthy essay by a widely read editor, William Lloyd Garrison

8.Which of the following was NOT influential in securing passage of the Compromise of 1850?

A.Senator Douglas took over leadership of the pro-compromise forces.
B.The president, who had threatened to veto the plan, died.
C.Each bill was passed piecemeal, with different supporters.
D.Clay originally submitted the compromise as an Omnibus Bill.

9.The Kansas-Nebraska Act resulted in all of the following EXCEPT

A.the restoration of the Missouri Compromise.
B.the destruction of the Whig party in the South.
C.the formation of the new Republican party in the North.
D.virtual civil war in Kansas.

10. What group was particularly susceptible to the appeal of the Know-Nothing party?

A.southern Whigs
B.western farmers
C.young, native-born workers
D.the elderly

11.To what does "Bleeding Sumner" refer?

A.violence in a small town in Kansas
B.violence on the floor of the U.S. Senate
C.the agonized pleas on behalf of free labor made by a New York editor
D.the threats of secession and armed defense of southern rights made by a southern Congressman

12. In addition to the Democratic and Republican tickets, additional presidential candidates were fielded in 1856 by the ________ and in 1860 by the ________.

A.Whig party; American party
B.American party; Free Soil party
C.Southern Democratic party; Constitutional Union party
D.American party; Constitutional Union party

13. the story of the first battle of Manassas (Bull Run) to make the point that

A.the Union army was unprepared to fight.
B.the Confederate army was unprepared to fight.
C.both sides underestimated what it would be like to fight a total war.
D.although the North had the advantage of initiative, the fighting would often turn out to be a series of Confederate victories against all odds.

14. Although at the outset European experts expected the Confederacy to prevail, the North won, demonstrating that in modern war, ________ can offset ________.; terrain and distance
B.strategic planning; idealistic determination
C.industrial power; agricultural power
D.sheer numerical superiority; the advantages of superior leadership

15. During the war, women of both the North and the South did all of the following EXCEPT

A.enter the formerly male professions of nursing and teaching.
B.take jobs in the growing government bureaucracies. farms and plantations. railroads.
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