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Pls help Due on 02/8/12 wednesday Health disparities

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Pls help

Due on 02/8/12 wednesday

Health disparities and cultural competence have been addressed throughout your MPH program. In order to more effectively read the population, public health professionals need to understand the impact of culture on the communication and health behaviors of those individuals they seek to serve. The United States is an increasingly diverse community, and cultural competency is an important skill for public health professionals.


1) In your own words, summarize what it means to be culturally competent and evaluate your current knowledge level of this skill.
To have a good awareness regarding your community and patients , be respectful of and responsive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse patients.

2) Provide examples from your past experience, coursework, and/or practicum experience that support your knowledge level and demonstrate at least three specific competencies as presented in the ASPH MPH Diversity and Culture, the Competencies Project, or the Public Health Code of Ethics.
-In my past experince i have learn that speaking a certain langauge doesn't mean that you know that culture. I have also witness the cause of health disparity because of socio economical status leading to lack of access and racist leading to lack of treatment

3) Discuss at least one competency within this skill that you wish to gain or improve, and suggest one means of accomplishing this goal.

-I would love to learn how to speak spanish and i can accomplish this by making an effort to learn how.

Jones, C. P. (2000). Going public: Levels of racism: A theoretical framework and a gardener’s tale. American Journal of Public Health, 90(8), 1212–1215. Retrieved October 9, 2008, from

What Is Cultural Competency?

National Center for Cultural Competence

Review the resources presented at this site, including the Research & Evidence and Promising Practices sections.

Association of Schools of Public Health: MPH Core Competency Development Project: Introduction to the Model (Competencies Only)

Scroll down this document and locate the ASPH MPH Interdisciplinary/Cross-Cutting Competencies, G. Diversity and Culture. Read through this set of competencies that specifically apply to diversity and Culture. You will need this information for the Discussion.

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