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In late July 1990, Wilson, a Roman Catholic, made a religious

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In late July 1990, Wilson, a Roman Catholic, made a religious vow that she would wear an antiabortion button “until there was an end to abortion or until she could no longer fight the fight.” The button was two inches in diameter and showed a color photograph of an 18- to 20-week-old fetus. The button also contained the phrases “Stop Abortion” and “They’re Forgetting Someone.”Wilson began wearing the button to work in August 1990. Another information specialist asked Wilson not to wear the button to a class she was teaching. Wilson explained her religious vow and refused to stop wearing the button. The button caused disruptions at work. Employees gathered to talk about the button. U.S. West identified Wilson’s wearing of the button as a “time robbing” problem. She cited religious discrimination, claiming that she was not reasonably accommodated. What result? Wilson v. U.S. West Communications, 58 F.3d 1337 (8th Cir. 1995).

2) At Prestige Motors, Muslim employees request to pray on their personal rugs on the factory floor during breaks. Prestige states this is disruptive to the work environment. Instead, Prestige assigns them space in the cafeteria. Coworkers complain that the Muslims annunciation of their prayers is disrupting their co-workers’ ability to converse during lunch. How would you advise Prestige to proceed?

1) XXXXX XXXXXez applies for a job with American Heartland Corporation. Sparky Foster, personnel director, asks Jose if he is an American citizen. Jose replies in the negative, but then produces a green card signifying his status as a resident alien with working privileges. Sparky silences Jose and then tells Jose, “At American Heartland, we hire only American citizens.” Jose is considering suing under Title VII. How would you advise him?

2) Harvey Jameson was recently terminated as comptroller at the age of 66 from Better Beef, Inc. His replacement is Tammy Parker, age 45. Because both he and his replacement are covered under the ADEA, Harvey is wondering whether he is precluded from suing.

3) Rita Hall has kidney failure and is forced to be on dialysis three times a week. She is a financial analyst for Bull and Bear. She is asking for three afternoons off. Rita is offering to work late two days and on Saturdays to make up the time. She does not believe this will adversely affect her duties. Bull and Bear refuses, claiming it is disruptive to the work environment. How would you advise Rita to proceed?
I may be able to help. Please respond with the due date, and the length. Thank you! I look forward to working with you! BMW
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

If I can have it for tonight it would be great

the lenght its just a paragraph for questions

Thank you

I'm working on this for you now. Thank you!

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