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When New Port Shipping uses segmented marketing

Resolved Question:

Question: When New Port Shipping uses segmented marketing, it targets several segments and designs separate offers for each one. This approach is called ________ marketing. 

A. Individual
B. Target
C. Differentiated
D. Undifferentiated
E. Niche

Question: ________ means that services cannot be separated from their providers, whether the providers are people or machines.
A. Service perishability
B. Service inseparability
C. Service variability
D. Service intangibility
E. Service heterogeneity

Question: "Less-for-much-less" positioning involves meeting consumers' ________.
A. Lower quality requirements in exchange for a lower price
B. High quality requirements at the lowest possible price
C. High quality requirements at a discounted rate
D. Quality performance requirements at a lower price
E. Lower quality requirements at the lowest possible price

Question: General Electric's campaign stating, "We bring good things to life" is an example of ________.
A. Personal marketing
B. Corporate image marketing
C. Product line
D. Social marketing
E. Product quality

Question: The purpose of idea generation is to create a ________ number of ideas. The purpose of succeeding stages is to ________ that number.
A. Large number; reduce
B. Small number; increase
C. Limited number; sustain
D. Large number; increase
E. Small number; reduce

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Question: Even though several options are available at any one time, there ________ to segment a market.
A. Is no single way
B. Is a most effective way
C. Are limited ways
D. Are four ways
E. Is one single best way

Question: Product improvements, product modifications, and original products can all be classified as ________.
A. Product extensions
B. New products
C. Product strategies
D. Pioneer products
E. Test products

Question: A sensational ________ may grab attention and produce pleasing aesthetics, but it does not necessarily improve a product's performance.
A. Augmented product
B. Experience
C. Design
D. Service-profit chain
E. Style

Question: Which of the following does not belong to the materials and parts group of industrial products?
A. Lumber
B. Farm products such as wheat
C. Natural products such as iron ore
D. Petroleum
E. Repair and maintenance items

Question: In target marketing, the issue of social responsibility is not really who is targeted, but rather ________ and for ________.
A. Why; how long
B. How; how long
C. How; what
D. Where; how long
E. Why; what

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Question: The strongest brands go beyond attributes or benefit positioning; they are positioned on ________.
A. Strong beliefs and values
B. Desirable benefit
C. Customer image
D. Good packaging
E. Service inseparability

Question: Christopher Messenger rents storage space to college students who go home for the summer but do not want to haul all of their property home and back. The business is profitable during the summer months, but when the storage space is unoccupied in the off-season, Christopher is losing money. What characteristic of service is most likely the source of Christopher's problem?
A. Variability
B. Personalization
C. Intangibility
D. Inseparability
E. Perishability

Question: Once managers of The Grecian Urn have decided on their product concept and marketing strategy, they can evaluate the business attractiveness of the proposal in the ________ stage of the new-product development process.
A. Business analysis
B. Feasibility study
C. Business feasibility
D. Concept testing
E. Product acceptance

Question: Which type of differentiation is used to gain competitive advantage through the way a firm designs its distribution coverage, expertise, and performance?
A. Price differentiation
B. People differentiation
C. Product differentiation
D. Services differentiation
E. Channel differentiation

Question: The advantages of standardizing an international product include all of the following except ________.
A. Lower product design costs
B. Lower marketing costs
C. Decreased manufacturing costs
D. The development of a consistent image
E. The adaptation of products to different markets

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Question: Which of the following is the most popular method for segmenting markets?
A. Geographic
B. Behavioral
C. Demographic
D. Gender
E. Psychographic

Question: Because of ________, a company cannot make its product illegally similar to a competitor's already established product.
A. Product liability
B. Anti-monopoly laws
C. Patent laws
D. The Consumer Product Safety Act
E. Product warranties

Question: Which of the following is not a recommended method for companies to tap into their customers as sources for new-product ideas?
A. Relying heavily on customers to know what types of technical products they need
B. Putting customer-created products on the market
C. Turning customers into co-creators
D. Working alongside customers to get ideas and suggestions
E. Analyzing customer complaints and questions

Question: When a business market segment is large or profitable enough to serve, it is termed ________.
A. Substantial
B. Accessible
C. Measurable
D. Actionable
E. Differentiable

Question: Which of the following best represents the options a company has when a product is declining?
A. Pioneer, harvest, or maintain the product
B. Maintain or pioneer the product
C. Maintain or harvest the product
D. Maintain, harvest, or drop the product
E. Harvest or drop the product

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Question: ________ tailors brands and promotions to the needs and wants of specific cities, neighborhoods, and even stores.
A. Differentiated marketing
B. Niche marketing
C. Individual marketing
D. Undifferentiated
E. Local marketing

Question: The total financial value of a brand is estimated through the process of brand ________.
A. Equity
B. Differentiation
C. Extension
D. Positioning
E. Valuation

Question: In the concept testing stage of new-product development, a product concept in ________ form is presented to groups of target consumers.
A. Experiential
B. Market-tested
C. Physical or symbolic
D. Final
E. Commercial

Question: ________ are consumer products and services with unique characteristics or brand identification for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchase effort.
A. Specialty products
B. Line extensions
C. Unsought products
D. Industrial products
E. Shopping products

Question: Using concentrated marketing, the marketer goes after a ________ share of ________.
A. Large; the mass market
B. Large; one or a few niches
C. Small; a large market
D. Moderate; local
E. Small; a small market

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Question: What are the two dimensions of product quality?
A. Consistency and level
B. Design and innovation
C. Feature and design
D. Conformance and style
E. Performance and resistance

Question: Which type of new-product development process focuses on finding new ways to solve customer problems and create more customer-satisfying experiences?
A. New-product development
B. Team-based new-product development
C. Sequential product development
D. Customer-centered new-product development
E. Concept testing

Question: Few people can afford the best in everything they buy. At times everyone needs a product with less quality or performance with a correspondingly lower price. In this case a consumer would purchase a product positioned with a ________ strategy.
A. Less-for-much-less
B. More-for-the-same
C. All-or-nothing
D. Same-for-less
E. More-for-less

Question: A group of business entrepreneurs who worried about their teenage children drinking and driving decided there must be some way to approach this problem proactively. They came up with an idea for a pair of blurry goggles. They believed looking through the goggles would simulate what the world looks like when someone is seriously intoxicated. The first crude pair of blurry goggles developed by the entrepreneurs to show to prospective customers was ________.
A. A product idea
B. A prototype
C. A synergistic model
D. A product image
E. A component part

Question: Which of the following is not a desirable quality for a brand name?
A. It should suggest something about the product's benefits and qualities
B. It should be distinctive
C. The brand should almost always be a long word to get attention
D. It should be easy to pronounce, recognize, and remember
E. The name should translate easily into foreign languages

Expert:  Sandhya replied 5 years ago.

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