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"For Gwyn only"

Due today, 100-200 words

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For some people when it comes to the practice of Buddhism, In my opinion it is more of a lifestyle to them instead of religion. I say this because in Buddhism there is not a God that we pray to like there is one in Christianity or Islam. Incorporated in Buddhism is different techniques and also different types of rituals that looks back on troubles in life and hurtful experiences of the soul seeking out Buddha.

Meditation is a key factor in Buddhism. It comes directly from the teachings of Buddha, and it is also a technique that he practiced himself. Besides meditation, other schools of Buddhism have created other types of rituals and devotional practices that have been influenced by other cultures. In Buddhism, the teachings suggest that we should avoid negativity of any type, soothing the mind to gain peace, and to strive for the ideal and also the perfect. Buddha stated in his teachings that following those guidelines will prevent us from bringing harms to others and also to ourselves. The practice of Buddhism refuses the presence of any form of God. In the teachings there are no rules to follow, but rather guidelines that should be followed in order to gain self fulfillment.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Great reply. I have wondered about whether celebrities who practice religion of any, practice in the same manner as us normal people. I would bet that some change or alter the belief system so it works around their star studded life style.
I completely agree. I think some choose religions like Buddhism for the cool factor, not because it really does anything for them. That makes them seem even emptier and shallow--and sad.