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Business Communication 1. To insure writing is bias-free: a. Choose

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Business Communication
1. To insure writing is bias-free:
a. Choose gender-neutral terms.
b. Use stereotypes.
c. Use language that refers to disability or disease.
d. Use discriminatory language.
2. The “ me attitude” in writing:
a. Shows the reader you are serving his/her interest.
b. Focuses on you and your organization.
c. Places the emphasis on the receiver.
d. Displays a service attitude.
3. Attention, interest, desire, and action (AIDA) is used for structuring:
a. Effective, persuasive communication.
b. Incomplete communication.
c. The “you attitude”.
d. Avoidance of a “call for action’’
4. When writing a routine claim letter:
a. Address the letter to the president of the company.
b. Never ask for a specific adjustment.
c. Assume the mistake was intentional.
d. Present the facts objectively.
5. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of a good letter to the editor?
a. Being rational
b. Bing lengthy
c. Using good taste
d. Being fair
6. Which of the following is the objective of the first in a series of collection letters?
a. To keep the customer’s goodwill and future business
b. To threaten the customer
c. To inform the customer of collection intentions
d. To avoid any tone of insistence
7. Which of the following does NOT influence the tone of meno?
a. The purpose of the meno
b. The subject matterof the meno
c. The rank of the writer as it relates to the receiver
d. The day of the week the memo is written
8. Which of the following is NOT a commonly used pattern for presenting information in a report?
a. Compare/Contrast
b. Journalistic
c. Cause/Effect
d. Positive Detail
9. Most resumes do NOT include:
a. a heading.
b. Age and marital status.
c. Career objectives.
d. Education.
10. Which of the following traits would make a poor impression on an interviewer?
a. Friendliness
b. Preparedness
c. Compulsive talking
d. sincerity

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