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Which of the following can be deducted as a trade or business

Resolved Question:

Which of the following can be deducted as a trade or business expense? (Points : 1)
Lobbying expenses to influence taxpayers.
Political contribution to elect a local Congressman.
Illegal bribes to government.
Rent paid on an office to run an illegal gambling operation.
None of the above can be deducted
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.

WebLaw :

answer – None of the above can be deducted

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Yes, please help. I have like 15 more homework problems....


A business expense includes:

I. an expenditure that has a business purpose.
II. an expenditure that is an expense incurred for the production of income. (Points : 1)
Only statement I is correct.
Only statement II is correct.
Both statements are correct.
Neither statement is correct.

WebLaw :

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