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English Homework Questions.

Customer Question

1. Which of the following is a member of a typical audiences of a message in an organizational setting? (Points : 5)

A. Management
B. Labor
C. Secondary
D. Secretarial

2. Expert writers follow this three-step writing process: (Points : 5)

A. Planning, writing, and revising.
B. Researching, organizing, and composing.
C. Analyzing, anticipating, and adapting
D. Revising, proofreading, and evaluation.

3. The primary purpose of an informative or good news message is to. . . (Points : 5)

A. Celebrate the fact that good things can happen.
B. Provide information or positive news to the reader.
C. Summarize information from a meeting for those who weren't present.
D. Provide news to the reader without making the reader angry.

4. Which of the following is an example of a you-attitude sentence? (Points : 5)

A. We expect full payment from you on the first of the month.
B. You failed to sign your check.
C. Your service contract with us is terminated.
D. You receive health benefits as a full-time employee.

5. When responding to a memo that requests information, what is the best way to provide this requested information? (Points : 5)

A. Order your responses from the most important to the least important.
B. Order your responses from the least important to the most important.
C. Order your responses in the same sequence as the request.
D. Order your responses with main points, details, negatives, reader benefits, and goodwill.

6. Which of the following is a negative role or action which hinders group or team writing? (Points : 5)

A. A group member's addition of humor to divert focus to a different topic.
B. Opening the discussion of interpersonal problems and suggesting ways to solve them.
C. Facilitating the participation of all members.
D. Coordinating the schedules to meet deadlines.

7. What do the majority of business professionals do first when a problem occurs? (Points : 5)

A. Write a letter or memo to the individual involved.
B. Send an e-mail to the individual involved.
C. Call the individual involved.
D. Consult an attorney.

8. The most emphatic position(s) in a business letter: (Points : 5)

A. Is the letterhead.
B. Is the complimentary close.
C. Are the middle paragraphs.
D. Are the opening and closing paragraphs.

9. Which of the following is NOT an effective strategy for organizing information in a typical business report? (Points : 5)

A. Comparison and contrast
B. Argumentative
C. Chronological
D. Problem-solution

10. Effective, persuasive claim letters: (Points : 5)

A. Sound just angry or emotional enough to get your point across.
B. Present a logical case with clear facts.
C. Help the reader by showing who is to blame for the problem.
D. Demand payment immediately to solve the problem.

11. Form letters: (Points : 5)

A. Are difficult to personalize.
B. Can save a company time and money.
C. Should only be used internally.
D. Should not be used because they are offensive to those receiving them.

12. Which of the following statements would be considered bias-free? (Points : 5)

A. You and your husband or wife are invited to the holiday party.
B. You and your husband or wife are invited to the Christmas party.
C. You and your guest are invited to the holiday party.
D. You and your spouse are invited to the holiday party.

13. Which of the following statements about audience is the most accurate? (Points : 5)

A. Your audience consists of only the initial reader(s) for whom the report is written.
B. Even if your reader is supportive of your project, you should still use persuasive strategies to make sure the project is accepted.
C. Your expected audience will influence such things as your writing style and vocabulary.
D. No matter who your audience is, you should include as many details as possible in your report.

14. When reviewing data gathered through primary or secondary research, one should analyze: (Points : 5)

A. How large of a sample should be collected in order to make the information relevant
B. What are good Web sites to use to confirm the information
C. How to look for alternative solutions or explanations
D. The source of the data, the numbers, and what the words mean to those in the survey

15. Active listening strategies allow one to: (Points : 5)

A. Make accurate assumptions about the speaker.
B. Demonstrate what one has heard and feedback literal or emotional content.
C. Provide advice to solve the speaker's problem.
D. Think about an answer before the speaker finishes speaking.

16. Skilled speakers use the conclusion to: (Points : 5)

A. Introduce one additional main point of interest to the audience.
B. Review the main themes of the presentation.
C. Establish their credibility with the audience.
D. Develop their main points thoroughly.

17. It is important to remember that e-mail (Points : 5)

A. Is legally available at any time for your employer to review.
B. Is the preferred delivery method for confidential company business.
C. Is private and discrete within a company.
D. Is different than "regular" business correspondence.

18. Well-informed job candidates know that the first step in the employment process is: (Points : 5)

A. Researching salary, benefits, and job stability in a chosen field.
B. Developing an effective résumé to send to prospective employers.
C. Locating job openings at desirable companies.
D. Assessing their interests and qualifications.

19. Which of the following is an illegal interview question? (Points : 5)

A. "How well can you handle stress?"
B. "Do you drink alcohol?"
C. "Are you a citizen of the United States?"
D. "Have you ever been arrested for a crime?"

20. Which of the following demonstrates parallel structure? (Points : 5)

A. In the second month of your internship you will learn how to solve customer complaints, supervision of desk staff, and will plan store displays
B. These tools help one to become a better negotiator: think win-win, asking questions to find out what the other person is thinking, how to protect your own self-esteem.
C. My résumé notes the following experiences: managing a staff of five, closing out the cash register nightly, and writing the company newsletter.
D. Neither the company president or the vice president came to the holiday party

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Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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