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1. ____________________________ is a voluntary, nonbinding,

Resolved Question:

1. ____________________________ is a voluntary, nonbinding, conciliation process.

2. The shipment of goods out of a country or the rendering of services to a foreign buyer in another country is called ___________________.

3. The concept of _______________________________ states that nations should concentrate their efforts on producing those goods that they can make most efficiently, with a minimum of effort and waste.

4. _____________________is used by companies that do not have the experience, personnel, or capital to tackle a foreign market by themselves.

5. The term ____________________is generally used when referring to a total or near-total ban on trade with a foreign country or countries.

6. The most common form of franchising is known as a _________________________________ and is usually used in retailing.

7. The __________________________is a cooperative business arrangement between two or more companies for profit.

8. ________________________are government controls prohibiting a foreign firm from owning a 100 percent interest of a local firm.

9. Currency risk includes _______________________ and ___________________________.

10. The entering of goods into the customs territory of a country or the receipt of services from a foreign provider is called________________.

11, ______________________________________________________________ sets out a uniform
code defining the rights of buyers and sellers of goods sold in international commerce.

12. _________________________ is where one country surrenders a person to the officials of another country to stand trial in a criminal case.

13. _______________________ refers to the willingness of one court or department of government to respect the rules or decisions of another or to grant it some privilege or favor.

14. ______________________is defined as the supreme and absolute power that governs an independent state or nation.

15. A vessel is ____________________if it is reasonably fit to carry the cargo it has undertaken to carry on the intended journey.

16. Treaties can be either_____________________________ or._______________________________.

17. _________________________________________________ is a principle of domestic law (not international law) that prohibits the courts of one country from inquiring into the validity of the legislative or executive acts of another country.

18. _________________________ is a more formalized process resulting in a binding award that will be enforced by courts of law in many countries.

19. _______________________________refers to the power of criminal courts to hear cases involving crimes committed within their territory.

20. ________________ jurisdiction refers to a court’s power over property within its geographical

21. _______________________________ refers to the court’s authority to hear a certain
type of legal matter, such as tort cases or breach of contract.

22. ____________________________or “jurisdiction over the person” refers to the court’s power over a certain individual or corporation.

23, ____________________________refers to the geographical location of a court of competent jurisdiction where a case can be heard.

24, _______________________is the nearly simultaneous purchase of a commodity (such as a currency) in one market and its sale in another to profit from the price differential.

25. _____________________________________ is a provision in a contract that fixes in advance the
jurisdiction in which any disputes will be arbitrated or litigated.

26. ___________________________________ are contract provisions that stipulate the country or jurisdiction whose law will apply in interpreting the contract or enforcing its terms.

27. The primary body of commercial law for domestic transactions in the United States is the ___________________________________.

28. A ________________________________is a negotiable instrument and short-term financing device widely used to finance international (as well as domestic) sales.

29. A ___________________________is one in which the issuer is obligated to pay a beneficiary upon the presentation of documents indicating a default by the account party in the payment of a debt or the performance of an obligation.

30. The ____________________________is a federal admiralty (maritime) statute that has applicability to airline crashes.

31, __________________________________is applicable to every bill of lading for the carriage of goods by sea, to or from ports of the United States in foreign trade.

32, _________________________________ occurs when one party clearly sees that the other party to the contract either will not perform a substantial part of its obligations or will commit a fundamental breach.

33, A ____________is a tax levied on goods by the country of importation.

34. The _____________________________ agreements and the ________________________ provide an organized global structure to improve the economic, political, and legal climate for trade, investment, and development.

35. ____________________________refers to the process by which quotas, licensing schemes, and other non-tariff barriers to trade are “converted” to tariffs.

36. A _____________________________clause in the sales contract stipulates that the price is to be adjusted according to the inflation rate.

37. The ________________________________________________________was created to combat the international monetary and trade conditions that had helped to produce and prolong the Great Depression of the 1930s.

38. A __________________________is simply a transaction involving the immediate sale and delivery of a commodity, such as a currency.

39. _________________________ (also called exemplary damages) can never be recovered under the Montreal Convention.
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