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11. Affirmative action programs call for positive steps designed

Resolved Question:

11. Affirmative action programs call for positive steps designed to eliminate the effects of past discrimination. Such programs are now legally required of all firms holding government contracts. (Points : 1)

12. An indication of discrimination exists when a disproportionate number of a certain group's members hold less desirable positions despite their preferences and abilities. (Points : 1)

13. Misiolek made only sex-based insults, not both sex and race-based insults. (Points : 1)

14. Discriminatory acts themselves can be categorized according to the extent to which they are intentional and institutionalized. An act may be part of the isolated behavior of a single individual who intentionally discriminates based on personal prejudice; be part of the routine, institutionalized behavior of a group; and which intentionally discriminates out of personal prejudice. (Points : 1)

15. Widely recognized categories of discriminatory practices include: (Points : 1)
Recruitment practices that rely on the word-of-mouth referrals of present employees will tend to recruit only from the groups already represented.
Screening practices that include qualifications not relevant to a job.
Promotion practices that place groups on separate tracks or that rely solely on seniority when past discrimination has kept women or minorities out of senior positions.
All the above
A & B

16. Types of comparisons to provide evidence of discrimination are: (Points : 1)
Comparisons of average benefits given to various groups
Comparisons of the proportion of a group found in the lowest levels of the institution
Comparisons of the proportion of a group found in the most advantageous positions in the institution
All the above
B & C

17. Discrimination in employment involves three basic elements: it must be a decision not based on individual merit, the decision must derive from racial or sexual prejudice, and the decision must have a harmful impact on the interest of employees. (Points : 1)

18. Since the jobs women have historically taken pay low wages and salaries, proponents of ____________programs attempt not to place women into higher paying jobs, but to increase the salaries of those jobs where women currently are employed. (Points : 1)
Competitive Value
Competitive Position
Comparable Worth
Comparable Equity

19. Kant would argue that humans should be treated as ends in themselves and never as a means to an end. Therefore, discrimination is wrong because it violates people's rights to be treated as equals. (Points : 1)

20. Rawls would argue that it is unjust to give some people more opportunity than others. (Points : 1)
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