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During the Revolutionary War, which of the following was NOT

Customer Question

During the Revolutionary War, which of the following was NOT an important American military leader?

Benedict Arnold

Horatio Gates

Nathaniel Greene

William Howe
The "Great Compromise" achieved at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 resulted in each of the following EXCEPT:

establishing that the lower house of Congress would base representation on state population.

establishing the "three-fifths rule."

establishing that the upper House of Congress would reflect equal representation for each state.

prohibiting slavery within the new country.
The Quasi War was waged between the United States and:




The programs and policies instituted by Alexander Hamilton led to the creation of an opposition party called the:




During the final phase of the American Revolution, General Cornwallis was surrounded and forced to surrender his entire force at:




The first country to recognize American independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War was:


The Netherlands.


Great Britain.
The Articles of Confederation was approved by 12 of the 13 states, but Maryland held up the final ratification over what issue?

Religious tolerance

Western land claims


Universal suffrage
Shay's Rebellion resulted in a movement to:

grant national suffrage.

strengthen the national government.

outlaw slavery within the new nation.

increase trade with the British Empire.
Anti-federalists were afraid of potential abuses to personal liberty by a strong national government. This resulted in the Federalist promise of:

judicial review.

the Bill of Rights.

a commerce clause.

the creation of the electoral college.
Between 1778-1783, the British moved their efforts primarily to the southern theater of the Revolution. Violence peaked in the Southern Theater in 1780 when Cornwallis invaded:


North Carolina.

South Carolina.


The zest with which Southerners began extending their lands into the lower south, thereby extending both the production of cotton and slavery is called:

King Cotton.

Flush Times.

Alabama Fever.

the Impending Crisis.
Which of the following was a former slave from Maryland, who displayed both skill and determination in a total of 12 rescue missions to free 60-70 slaves?

Denmark Vesey

Harriet Tubman

William Lloyd Garrison

Nat Turner
Of all the new world slave societies, the American South differed in that it:

grew through the constant importation of Africans.

was self-sustaining due to a high birth rate.

was centered around a cash crop.

was a brutal system.
Which factor most clearly fostered the growth of slave communities?

The large scale size of cotton plantations

The introduction of the black codes

Instances of manumission

The scope of the internal slave trade
The Liberator, published beginning in 1831 by William Lloyd Garrison, was the primary vehicle of what sentiment?

Women's suffrage



Under the Missouri Compromise, the entrance of Missouri as a slave state to the Union was paired with the entrance of what free state?




Which of the following is FALSE concerning poor southern whites?

The existence of slavery increased their economic opportunities.

Many lived as tenet farmers.

Many worked alongside slaves in the field.

Most were able to support their families on a subsistent level.
Which of the following was NOT a cause of the Panic of 1819?

A western land boom

The unchecked credit extended by "wildcat" banks

A decline in international demand for American grown foods

The election of XXXXX XXXXX
In his inaugural address, Jefferson:

worked to create an air of pretention which followed him throughout his administration.

tried to build a bridge of reconciliation between Federalists and Republicans.

sought to expose the excesses and inadequacies of Federalists government.

expunge the new government of all officials with Federalists sympathies.
One reason the Monroe presidency is often described as the "Era of Good Feelings" is because:

the Louisiana Purchase was made.

Monroe placed only Democratic-Republicans in office.

by the 1820s, there was really only one political party remaining in the United States.

there was general prosperity throughout his term around the Nation.

Gibbons v. Ogden and Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge both centered on what issue?

States' rights


Western expansion

The Bank of the United States
What transportation project (the single greatest federal transportation expense of its time) was funded in 1808?



steamboat lines

a national road
The election of 1824 resulted in:

the development of the American Plan.

a corrupt bargain between Adams and Jackson.

the election of XXXXX XXXXX as president.

the election being thrown into the House of Representatives.
The automatic reaper revolutionized farming by making:

automated irrigation a possibility.

the removal of cotton seeds less labor intensive.

dairy farming more profitable in the Midwest.

grain production more profitable through increasing the output.

Those who accused John Quincy Adams of a "corrupt bargain" maintained that he:

had lied to the Congressional election panel.

accepted bribes during his presidency.

unethically worked with Clay to secure the presidency.

bribed Congressmen during his presidency.
Between 1800 and 1860, the nature of the middle class family changed because of the decline in the:

size of farms.

rate of births.

number of abortions.

average family income.
Following the War of 1812, voting rights of free African American men:

were universal.

were universally denied.

existed somewhat in the North, but many of these states required property ownership.

existed throughout the lower South without any property requirements or stipulations.
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