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Chris12, Teacher
Category: Homework
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Hey Chris! Do you avetime to help with 2 different questions

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Hey Chris! Do you avetime to help with 2 different questions that are due tomorrow late afternoon? Each question is approx 150-200 words, the subject is mind and machine (philosophy coarse).

Chris12 :

Yes, I can handle them. How many references do you need? What exactly are the questions? What time tomorrow do you need the assignments?


due tomorrow by 5pm EST. 1-2 reference.


After reflecting on what you have read about and thought about in our course, select one topic that you thought was interesting, challenging, difficult, aggravating, new, or provocative. Discuss why you chose this particular topic, what you have learned about it and how it made you think a bit differently both about the issues this topic raises and about the value of philosophy.

Possible topics:


  • The death penalty

  • Assisted suicide

  • Reinstating the military draft

  • Pornography

  • Inheritance taxes

  • School prayer

  • Stem cell research

  • Obligations to future generations

  • Gay marriage


  • Is Astrology a science?

  • Teaching evolution in public schools

  • Confirming scientific hypotheses

  • Are science and religion in conflict?

  • The limits of skepticism

  • What are the differences between the mind and the brain?

  • Evaluating evidence and global climate change

  • Is radical relativism defensible?

  • Is there evidence for ESP (extrasensory perception)?


  • Do people need to prove that God exists?

  • The ontological argument for the existence of God

  • The argument from design and evolutionary theory

  • Can one be moral and not believe in God?

  • Can God and real evil be reconciled?

  • Can I be certain I have a soul?

  • Can strong determinism be justified?

  • Does the Turing test challenge the uniqueness of human beings?


I will post the other question and request you to answer. Please respond to the other question i post so I know you received it. Thank you. Also, please respond in DOC file not DOCX. Thank you!

Chris12 :



Great! Where is the answer or link to dwnload?


I will check back tomorrow afternoon. Thank you again!


Both of the questions I post were due yesterday. I understand the website was having problems but I need them ASAP. Thank you!

Chris12 :


Chris12 :

Here's the assignment:


Please resend both answers in DOC file not DOCX. Thanks! Sorry for the bother : )

Chris12 :

To be honest, I'm not sure what you're asking for. The documents were created and saved in Microsoft Word.


Please save them(both questions) in RICH TEXT FORMAT and then send. My system is several years old and will not open a DOCX file. Thank you!

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