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What was once pseudo Earth Day is now a year-round, Green marketing

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What was once pseudo Earth Day is now a year-round, Green marketing revolution, as described in the following:

•Purchasers of a national magazine qualified for a free reusable shopping bag.
•A reality show eliminated water bottles from the set.
•A popular water bottle company rolled out a new bottle made of 30% less plastic.


Address the following:
•Pick an existing consumer product.
•Pitch an idea to the product’s manufacturer to position it as Green. Sell the concept as if you are the marketing executive for the Green company looking to win the account.
•Identify your competition, and discuss how your new and improved product is poised to compete (3 paragraphs total for the post).
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Comments on my Peer.THANKS



Ramius Connour


AIU Online

Unit 1 Discussion Board Post


Dear Mr. Thomas Falk,

With the world today becoming very concerned with the environment there has been a very strong effort by consumers to purchase products that are more environmentally friendly. With such a growing concern by consumers, known as the "green" revolution, companies such as yours have begun to take strong marketing along with research and development initiatives to appeal to these desires in their respective consumer markets. As a marketing executive for the Connour Green Manufacturing Company we can see that there is a strong need to provide fresh new ideas that are marketable to your consumer markets and give your company a competitive edge against your competitors. Mr. Falk you have been the CEO of Kimberly-Clark which is the largest producer of tissues in the world. Some of the companies that Kimberly-Clark owns are Kleenex tissues, Huggies diapers, and Scott's towels. The primary focus of your company is in the form of paper based products which produces 4 million tons of tissue products annually which results in the net sales of $19 billion dollars annually in the United States alone. Your company produces and operates in 38 countries while your products are sold in 150 countries.

Unfortunately with your company being centered around paper based products and with your company being the largest producer of them it has been targeted by such organizations as and Greenpeace due to the deforestation of Canada's Boreal forest range to produce your products (, n.d.). Your attempts at marketing and producing the Kleenex boxes with 95% recycled paper products were extremely scrutinized due this paling in comparison with the amount of "virgin" pulp used in the making of tissues (, n.d.). Furthermore the increase in the cost of wood and pulp caused a dramatic loss of 8% in earnings of the third quarter of 2011, and is forecasted to fall even more if the prices increase to reflect the costs incurred in producing the products (, 2011). But with these setbacks there is a great opportunity that is presented and could mean a win-win situation for your company.

The Connour Green Manufacturing Company wishes to propose a new product line that capitalizes on all of these issues and turns these woes into profits. At the Connour Green Manufacturing Company we have recently found a breakthrough product that will revolutionize your industry and make your company the "green" revolution leader and ensure your company name is synonymous with saving the environment. This product could trigger a "green" line of products as a result. The product is tissue paper composed of recycled pulp from post consumer paper products and the process of bleaching the pulp will be done without the use of chlorine. The current process of bleaching the pulp used for tissue and paper-based products is to use chlorine which contains sodium hypochlorite that is both harmful to your employees' health and the environment (, n.d.). But with the use of oxygen bleaching the main ingredient used to bleach the pulp is hydrogen peroxide that creates both oxygen and water as the only byproduct and is completely safe to the environment (, n.d.). By using this process and recycled pulp your company can cut costs on the different phases and elements used in producing your products. And because this new "eco-tissue" will not use nearly as much "virgin" pulp and harmful chemicals, then the marketing of this product will dramatically increase Kimberly-Clark's brand name among consumers and decrease manufacturing costs thus increasing profit margins.

The only competitor in this market is Green Forest Paper Products, which is owned by Planet, Inc. This little known company's products contain 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content (, n.d.). Although they have pioneered a "green" product they only have a following among environmentalists and those who purchase tissues and their products off of Kimberly-Clark has name recognition among consumers in every paper-based product line that is available such as Kleenex, Scott's, Huggies etc. Because of this your company could be seen as a global leader of the paper-based products "green" revolution and be branded as the company who took the lead on environmental protection in your respective markets. Your current competitors who use the standard ingredients and processes to produce their products will not be pioneering the new product that you will be offering but will be seen as reacting to your lead on environmental issues and will only prove to be an advantage for your company.

In closing Mr. Falk, we here at the Connour Green Manufacturing Company feel that we have fresh new ideas and products that could save your company millions in production costs and provide higher profit margins while increasing your recognition among the consumer markets and among environmental organizations who can target your organization as a champion or foe of the environment. By using this new "eco-tissue" you will be in a better position to face your stockholders in the upcoming quarters and enjoy the revenues of our labors as we can serve your company's needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ramius Connour

Senior Marketing Executive

The Connour Green Manufacturing Company



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