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Question: To be classified as a society, what are the

Resolved Question:


To be classified as a society, what are the two key qualities a group of people must share?

A common language and a common religion
A common culture and a territory
A territory and a common political ideology
Ethnicity and a common language

2. Question:

Frank is examining the broad stream of events that have occurred over the past 50 years and the specific experiences of his own life. By doing so, what sociological process has Frank undertaken?

Social determinism
The sociological imagination
The social imperative

3. Question:

What two events most inspired people to rethink social life that led to an uprooting of what had been traditional social arrangements and the development of sociology as a science?

World War I and the Great Depression
The discovery of the new world and Renaissance
The American Revolution and the French Revolution
The Insurrection and Enlightenment

4. Question:

__________ first proposed applying the scientific method to the social world, a practice known as positivism.

Maximilien Robespierre
Auguste Comte
Emile Durkheim
Herbert Spencer

5. Question:

Based on the original writings of Karl Marx, how would social change be accomplished?

Society would naturally evolve from a barbaric to more civilized form.
The education of the masses would lead to social change and innovation.
The application of the scientific method would improve social conditions.
Workers would unite and overthrow the capitalists through revolution.

6. Question:

What did Max Weber believe was the central force in social change?


7. Question:

__________ was the first woman to hold a Presidential cabinet post (Secretary of Labor).

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Frances Perkins
Jane Addams
Janet Reno

8. Question:

Which of the following phrases best describes a random sample?

Everyone in the population has the same chance of being included in the study.
Participants in the study are picked at the convenience of the researcher.
There is no consistent method of choosing the participants in the study.
The participants in the study are picked from volunteers.

9. Question:

What is another name for the research method that is referred to as "participant observation"?

Survey research
Secondary analysis

10. Question:

Anthony is conducting experimental research on the effects of an educational therapy program and the conflict handling skills of inmates. He has established two groups. Group A will receive a special conflict handling therapy program. Group B will go about their routine without receiving the therapy or a therapy substitute. What is the name of Group B in experimental research such as this?

The control group
The treatment group
The placebo group
The reference group

11. Question:

When sociologists use the phrase "the culture within us," what do they mean?

Culture is based on genetics transmitted from one generation to the next through genes.
Culture is a matter of instinct that all people around the world share.
Culture is affected by several biological factors that differ from person to person.
Shared and learned ways of believing and doing become taken-for-granted assumptions.

12. Question:

__________ is the tendency to use our own group's ways of doing things as the yardstick for judging the behavior, values, and beliefs of others.

Culture shock
Relativist fallacy

13. Question:

What is another term for nonmaterial culture?

Cultural lag
Symbolic culture
Ethnic work
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