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1. Which is NOT an important development in Early Renaissance

Resolved Question:

1. Which is NOT an important development in Early Renaissance art and architecture?

A. the development of illusionism
B. the increased popularity of the equestrian portrait
C. the invention of one-point perspective
D. the increased use of stained glass windows

2. Sofonista Anguissola was best known for painting

A. landscapes.
B. portraits.
C. obscure religious allegories.
D. rural scenes.

3. The painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus emphasizes

A. the benefits of experimentation.
B. the inherent value of working the land.
C. the dignity of pursuing heroic deeds, even if one fails.
D. the desire of all human beings to overcome traditional restraints.

4. In order to enhance his royal power, Louis XIV had a massive palace complex built in which town, to which he moved his court?

A. Paris
B. Versailles
C. Chartres
D. Lourdes

5. Whose Social Contract (1762) argued that a social contract existed between the people themselves rather than between the people and their rulers?

A. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
B. Denis Diderot
C. John Locke
D. René Descartes

6. Which artist attempted in paintings like The Oxbow to develop a "higher style of landscape" that would contain moral or religious significance?

A. Cole?
B. Turner
C. Bierstadt
D. Hicks

7. What was Nadar's Le Géant?

A. a large camera he used to photograph panoramic scenes
B. a balloon from which he took aerial photographs
C. a chair he designed to assist portrait subjects in remaining immobile during the necessary exposure time
D. a special film he developed to reduce glare on final images

8. Which best describes the paintings of Winslow Homer?

A. They have elements of both Realism and Impressionism.
B. They are primarily Impressionist.
C. They are mainly portraits.
D. They mainly depict European subjects.

9. In line with Symbolist goals, the setting of The Yellow Christ is

A. Breton
B. Jerusalem
C. Golgotha
D. Rome

10. Fauvism is associated with all the following qualities EXCEPT

A. brilliant colors.
B. restraint and harmony.
C. emotional exuberance.
D. nonnaturalistic colors.

11. Which architect developed the Prairie Style in buildings such as the Robie House and Fallingwater in an attempt to integrate buildings with their natural landscapes?

a. Brancusi
b. Mondrian
c. Le Corbusier
d. Wright

12. Stella and Kelly were two prominent practitioners of what technique?

a. assemblages of found objects
b. drip technique
c. Hard-Edge painting
d. gesture painting

13. Which former Dadaist wedded Cubism and Surrealism in the 1944 sculpture The King Playing with the Queen?

a. Magritte
b. Arp
c. Ernst
d. Giacometti

14. Which West Coast artist painted Thirteen Books (1992)?

a. Lichtenstein
b. Thiebaud
c. Segal
d. Judd

15. All the following statements about Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome are true EXCEPT that

a. it encloses the maximum volume per unit of surface space.
b. the strength of its framework increases logarithmically in proportion to its size.
c. it is prohibitively difficult to put together.
d. it can be constructed of any material at low cost.
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