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English Homework Questions.

Customer Question

1. ____ communication flows directly from a supervisor to employee. (Points : 3)

A. Upward
B. Horizontal
C. Downward
C. Serial

2. Which of the following methods of downward communication is often lengthy and difficult to understand? (Points : 3)

A. Memos
B. Telephone calls
C. Policy manuals
D. Email

3. What the receiver actually hears refers to ____ of the message; how this information is interpreted refers to ____ of the message. (Points : 3)

A. Reception/encoding
B. Reception/decoding
C. Transmission/decoding
D. Encoding/decoding

4. ____ is the interference that affects proper reception of a message. (Points : 3)

A. Noise
B. Nonverbal cues
C. Paralanguage
D. Error

5. Which of the following tips is probably not conducive to effective listening? (Points : 3)

A. Judging what the speaker is saying
B. Make eye contact
C. Removing distractions
D. Let the other person finish speaking

6. People who join a group to be with other people have ____ needs. (Points : 3)

A. Identification
B. Support
C. Affiliation
D. Physical proximity

7. ____ refers to the extent to which group members like and trust one another. (Points : 3)

A. Group cohesiveness
B. Group homogeneity
C. Stability of membership
D. Group status

8. A group member who coordinates the group's activities and finds new information is ____ oriented whereas one who's main role is encouraging and supporting others is ____ oriented. (Points : 3)

A. Social/task
B. Task/social
C. Individual/maintenance
D. Individual/task

9. A member of a small task force has decreased the amount of his individual effort on the group's task. He is exhibiting: (Points : 3)

A. Social inhibition
B. Social facilitation
C. Social loafing
D. Individual dominance


10. A situation in which a group becomes so cohesive and like-minded that it makes poor decisions by ignoring information relevant to the decision-making process is: (Points : 3)

A. Individual dominance
B. Social loafing
C. Groupthink
D. The devil's advocate approach

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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