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1.This type of clause is added to a fire insurance policy and

Resolved Question:

1.This type of clause is added to a fire insurance policy and means you only get full protection from the insurance company if the face amount of your insurance policy is at least 80% of the value of your property.

A. liability
B. collision
C. comprehensive
D. coinsurance
E. none of the above

2.This type of coverage protects the owner of an insured vehicle that is in an accident resulting in personal injury or property damage to another party.

A. comprehensive insurance
B. collision insurance
C. coinsurance
D. liability insurance
E. none of the above

3.What is the six-month fire insurance premium for a $182,000.00 Class C building located in Area 3?

A. $178.36
B. $1,248.62
C. $198.18
D. $1,783.60
E. none of the above

4.The automobile insurance rate for each individual includes:

A. gender
B. age
C. driving record
D. all of the above

5.An automobile insurance premium may be partially based on:

A. the number of years the owner expects to drive the vehicle
B. the attitude of the driver
C. the make of the vehicle
D. the expected life of the vehicle
E. none of the above

6. A severe hailstorm left numerous dents all over the body of Jayne's new car. The paint and body shop's repair bill totaled $3,420.00. Jayne carries comprehensive and $500-deductible collision insurance. How much must Jayne pay?

A. $500.00
B. $.00
C. $3,775.00
D. $4,275.00
E. none of the above

7.The tax rate schedules are used to compute the tax on taxable incomes of __________ or more.

A. $50,000.00
B. $100,000.00
C. $30,000.00
D. $200,000.00
E. none of the above

8. The total property tax due on a vacant lot is $8,450.00. What is the assessed valuation, if the tax rate is .7513? (Round to the nearest dollar.)

A. $6,348.00
B. $11,247.00
C. $11,724.00
D. $6,438.00
E. none of the above

9.The price of a product before sales tax is added is called the:

A. marked price
B. total price
C. suggested price
D. wholesale price
E. none of the above

10.The person or entity named in an insurance policy to receive the proceeds in the event of the death of the insured is the:

A. insured
B. beneficiary
C. insurer
D. both the insurer and the beneficiary
E. none of the above
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  nest9 replied 5 years ago.

nest9 :

I will have this for you within an hour.

Expert:  nest9 replied 5 years ago.

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