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Jane T (LLC)
Jane T (LLC), Former straight A Student - Now Mom
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What methods can I use to remember large amounts of information?

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What methods can I use to remember large amounts of information? I need to learn a great deal of information for college classes, and have trouble memorizing. Many memory tricks involve slow procedures such as visualizing lists of words in familiar places, nemonic tricks, flash cards, rewriting then information, repetition... None of these methods is sufficiently efficient to memorize the the amount of information I need to learn for my tests. I need to remember too many facts to use slow tricks. Has recent research unearthed effective methods to memorize information? (I will have more faith in any method if the expert could cite evidence that shows it is effect. For instance, I would trust a memorizing technique with references to a publication more than a technique that is a stranger's random opinion.) I would much prefer a helpful answer in 2 weeks rather than a less helpful answer in 10 minutes. I will pay extra for helpful answers. Overall I am interested in my classes.

Jane T (LLC) :

HiCustomer I do not know if this will help you, but it has helped me enormously through the years, more so now that my once good memory has disappeared. The first thing I would ask you is to find out what way it is that you learn best. All people learn in different ways. Some need to see information to learn it, others need to hear it, while others need to "do it" before they can learn it. For example, do you find that reading about something helps you remember it or learn it better or do you need to get your hands on something and do it, such as writing software, instead of having someone walk you through it, to learn it better? This is a key question because it tells you how you need to study in order to truly be able to remember things. I am a person who remembers what she reads and, more importantly, who remembers stories better than just a list of facts. So I read things and remember what I read as a story. For example, I take the facts regarding how America's entry into the Vietnam War and create/write a story in my mind - like a movie of the events which then helps me remember what happened, who did what, and what that led to. You indicate that you have tried this method and it is not the best for you,which tells me that you are not a visual learner nor a person who may remember what he or she just reads. This may mean you are a person who needs to do things (a kinesthetic learner) to learn them (of course only you can answer what kind of learner you are for sure) or who may need to hear them out loud (an auditory learner) before he remembers them. I would say you test to see what you remember best, XXXXX XXXXX work through or things you are told, out loud about. Then, when you study, force yourself to use that method of learning when you study so you can best remember everything you need to. This article here reviews the learning types and study suggestions for each there is also this article, although you my need to get it from a library as there is not an online source for it (Clonts, Lauren. 2004. "Texas Tech U.: Students should adapt study habits to learning styles". American Intelligence Wire (USA) September 21. I also found that memorization is not the best way to study, learning the material, in whatever way your learning style indicates you should, will normally help it become a part of you that you can easily remember whereas memorization is a quick solution, that is faulty at best and often means you forget things faster than you wish.


I think I am a visual learner. Also, I like your idea about forming stories; however, I do not think I can find/make time to create/write stories about the huge number of chemistry facts I need to learn.

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