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what is the similarities between a state prison and a federal

Resolved Question:

what is the similarities between a state prison and a federal prison?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Do you need references? What is the required word length?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No it isnt the whole assignment. but i just cannot seem to find the answer in the text book on what is the similarities and the differences of them. I am looking for a good first paragraph that is stating what they have in common and then the next paragraph about there differences. I have the rest of the info for the assignment in the text book. I guess I am looking for 4 or 5 sentences of the similarities and 4 or 5 sentences on the differences.
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Here is something that should help you.

Federal prisons are under federal jurisdictions and state prisons are run by that individual state. Some crimes are prosecuted by the feds and some are prosecuted by the state(s).

There are many differences depending on the state of conviction but in general, federal prisons will have uniform rules unit to unit. State prisons can vary.

The BIG difference is federal prisons do not have parole. Five years means five years. Almost all state systems will let you out early on some system of parole. This doesn't include some crimes.

Also, in general, the living conditions in a federal prison will be better than most state prisons. You are housed according to federal guidelines as opposed to an individual states guidelines.

What state are your people in and what is the nature of their offense? violent or non violent? How many prior convictions? What is their age(s)? Was a weapon involved? Did the crime happen at night or day? Is gang activity involved? drugs? alcohol?

On a state case, these are some of the questions to consider. On a fed case, none of it matters. it's day for day.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well, i see you have stated differences betwen the 2 but where are they the same at? and I am not talking about cases or criminals.. just the prisons... the differences betwen the prisons and the similarities between them
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.

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