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Write 500words of midwifery personal statement

Customer Question

Write 500words of midwifery personal statement
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Nancy replied 5 years ago.

Sometimes personal statements can be difficult to get started. I would be delighted to help you with this. Here is what I suggest you do. Write down a history of what you have done and relate to that the necessary qualities of a person who wants to go into midwifery.


For example -- here is the beginning and a sample of what I would imagine a midwifery personal statement might look like. A personal statement is just that - a personal history of how you came to be in a position where you are doing a job or asking to be hired for a job (in this case midwifery)..


Remember this is just a made up sample: If I can get you to write your history and interests, education, and experiences in a chronology - I can help you form a nicely written personal statement:


Example of the beginning of a fictitious personal statement:


When I was little and my mother was pregnant with my little brother, I remember looking at my mom's pregnant belly with amazement that this was the place my little brother would come from. After my mother came home from the hospital, there was more awe and wonder at the process of a growing baby inside my mother. I never forgot that family birth experience.


As a young adult, I went to school to become a nurse. During my studies I was required to complete a practicum in social care facility. I was assigned to work with elderly people. Although working with senior care is generations apart from midwifery and the babies, in many ways it was a similar situation. The skills needed to care for the aging are consistent with the same team building and functioning skills needed to prepare for a career as a midwife. I worked as a full health care professional team member to organize and provide the best possible care to my patients.


Let me know if I can help.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

500words on midwifery personal statement

here is a sample of my work experience, educaton and hobbies;

When I was a child, all I wanted to do was to help and care for people and, when I saw the way the midwives in my community cared for my mother throughout her pregnancy I knew I wanted midwifery to be part of be everyday life. Ever since then I started researching my career through the internet, reading news papers and also asking people who are midwifes. I want to be a midwife because I want to be able to help and care for women and their families in order for them to have the pregnancy and birth that they choose.
As part of my research, I had the opportunity to ask a midwife about the career. I was given the opportunity to learn about the role of the midwife. I was also interested to learn that the midwife provides help and advice for the partners and families of the women as well as the mother herself.
I am currently on an Access course studying Maths, English, Biology and Psychology which I am enjoying as it gives me the skills and knowledge I need at a degree level. In studying biology I have gained knowledge about the way our body organs function while in psychology I have gained the knowledge of gaining people consent wherever attending to them. As part of my research have attended university open days and talks from university about my career; which has helped confirm my career choice. My work and personal life has enabled me to acquire many skills such as communication, listening, organisation, time management and working as part of a team.
Being a care assistant has given me the opportunity to communicate with people from different background. Through working as a care assistant, I have gained the ability to work to high standard both independently and in a group. This is important as midwives need to be able to work a part of a team. I have also gained the experience of writing up reports about patients care and developed skills to communicate the requirement of patients to my fellow colleagues. My job has enabled me to be flexible, for example covering shifts at a short notice when other staffs are ill. Through working in the care industry I have been able to get to work on time.
Attending youth meetings in my community has enabled me to manage my time and I have also built good relationship with members. As a team leader assist members with many activities and talks.
I enjoy keeping fit, jogs on regular basis, ad listen to music and socialising with friends.


Optional Information:
Level/Year: 3
Subject: personal statement

Expert:  Nancy replied 5 years ago.

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