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The Ethics of Research Learning to carry out professional

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The Ethics of Research

Learning to carry out professional research is a skill that becomes invaluable in your career as a marketer. Ethical considerations are an integral part of any successful research endeavor.


Select a scholarly empirical journal article** in Business from the library’s full-text databases.

•Paragraph 1: Provide a quick overview of the study.
•Paragraph 2: Analyze the way the research study was completed from an ethical standpoint.
•Paragraph 3: Assess if it was done well or not based on what you have learned so far.
This post must be 3 paragraphs in length. Since you are doing research, there must be citations in the body of the post and a reference list at the end. The goal is to apply learned concepts in order to show your understanding. You should steer away from quotations; they do not showcase your knowledge.

**What is a Scholarly Empirical Journal Article?
The article must end with a large reference list (more than 10 articles) and will contain citations in the body of the article. The article must describe a primary research study with human subjects. A description of the survey, methodology, data collection, analysis, and conclusions are included in the article. Once you have located an applicable source from AIU’s library, save a copy in Word or PDF.

Please do not use quotes or copy definitions. You will not receive credit for understanding the materials if you use the words of others. Keep in mind that since you did research and you have citations in the body of the post, you must also place a reference list at the end containing the textbook and the articles cited.

Your 3 paragraph main post and copy of the article must be submitted to the Discussion Thread by Sunday.


Interactive Reply 1:

Select one student’s post. Are there unanswered questions? Can you add to the post with more information?

Interactive Reply 2:

Read another student’s post and explain how the results of the study could be used in the workplace.

Each post should be one paragraph in length (75 words) and must be substantive in nature

Use of unoriginal text and excessive quotes indicates a lack of comprehension and shows that you may not have mastered the concepts.

You will submit a minimum of 5 paragraphs for the week. At least three paragraphs will be included in your MAIN POST and one paragraph each for your two Interactive Replies.

3 paragraphs
300 words

1st Interactive Response
1 Paragraph
75 words

2nd Interactive Response
1 Paragraph
75 words

TOTAL for U4 DB: 5 Paragraphs
3 Paragraphs
450 words

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.
I can do this after I get home from work, so look for it in the evening tomorrow. Thanks! BMW
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are you still going to help me.THANKS

Isn't this due Sunday?
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No DQ Question you have to have both on wendnesday and 2 peers.THANKS

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5 paragraphs I need this on 11/30/11.THANKS

1 peers Question

Here is your answer. Please send classmate responses as soon as available. Thanks!
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Unit 4 - The Ethics of Research - MAIN POST

Robin Herman

American InterContinental University


The following post goes over an empirical journal article of a in-depth study conducted in Defiance County, Ohio.

Body (3 paragraphs)

The study I'd like to review is one that was published in the Ohio Journal of Science where researchers studied the economic development or lack thereof in Defiance County, Ohio and the cultural influences that might have overtaken it. A qualitative approach was enforced so that raw data could be retrieved in the field study. The study was executed through in-depth interviews with 5 key figures in the Defiance county decision makers and selection of these interviewees were based on different areas of expertise such as corporate, non-profit, government and so on. The main focus was on the lack of job opportunities and resources to attract new jobs into Defiance County. Researchers believe the culture in which people, government and businesses are involved in can be a determining factor in economic growth and development. To gain insight, the researchers asked through a face to face qualitative interview complex questions through a Chirban's (1996) relational interview method and probed on culture and economic status of the county. Many of the interviewees felt that incentive based economic development was key in providing a more prosperous county, however, the state will not entertain such an idea as other counties have taking most of the funding or tax break incentives. Other interviewees believed that instead of exploring new business opportunities in the county, focus should be shifted to retaining the one's already existing. One interviewee believed that developing a new road that locks all five Midwest states will generate new business placement.

When the research was completed, its results showed that most officials that were interviewed felt stifled by the state officials and leaving them with almost no options. Also, it was found that many potential employees in Defiance county (ages 18-64) were ill educated and the ones that were educated have long left to another state were jobs and wages were more fruitful (Johnson-Webb & Zeller, 2007). The advancement of jobs in other areas left defiance behind as well as its community, leaving the culture in which to work a bland and almost doomed one. The study found many weaknesses and faults within the plans executed in order to revive this small county. During the study, it showed that approximately 23,919 residents ages 18-64 resided in defiance county and of that number only 60.4% were actively working part or full time and only 14.3% had a sustainable college education.

Ethics are present in any kind of survey. The generalizations made in this survey were for the good of others and therefore privacy of the interviewees was very strict. The environment of ethical issues in qualitative research is slight and dissimilar in comparison to issues in quantitative studies. For example, possible ethical issues are present in respect to how a researcher retrieves admission to an interviewee and the effects the interviewer might have them (Orb, Eisenhauer & Wynaden, 2001). In this survey, the emphasis was on asking open ended questions so that the participant felt more free to go down any path he/she chooses and because of that answers were least likely to be persuaded one way or the other. Also, the interviewees were asked to complete the study for a more in-depth response to the decade long growth and reformation of Defiance County. All means to conduct, utilize and engage in this interview were very ethical and lead for a good foundation for future growth of the county.

I've learned that researching has many variables and techniques in which it can be successful. When reading this article, it was apparent to me that it was well done and quite consistent with what I have learned so far. The study utilized a lot of the terminology and methods, such as qualitative approaches, interview researches, methods and outcomes. The personal interview or questioning that was conducted in this survey was what I have become familiar with in this class. Also questions were asked in such a way to not sway an answer and all interviews were recorded for correct analysis (Bluman, 2010).


Reading about how to conduct a survey can be very informative, however, reading the implementation of one can really open one's eyes to true research knowledge.




Bluman, A.G., (2010). Elementary Statistics, (5th ed.) New York: McGraw-Hill.


Chirban, J.T., (1996), Interviewing In Depth: The Interactive-relational Approach, Retrieved

November 29, 2011 from:


Johnson-Webb, K. D., & Zeller, M. C. (2007, April). The Culture of Economic Development in

Ohio: A case study in Defiance County. The Ohio Journal of Science, 107(2), 2-9. Retrieved from: Gl2ZSZzY29wZT1zaXRl#db=aph&AN=25311957


Orb, A, Eisenhauer, & Wynadan, D (2001), Ethics in Qualitative Research, Retrieved November

29th 2011 from:

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You forgot to comment on this peer.THANKS


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Monica, Great job this week on your project. It has a lot of great information and really explains a lot. There is one thing I was confused about though. In your first paragraph it states that the work history is stronger in third age than it is is prime age? Would that not be obvious? I mean, the older someone or something is, there is more history, right? Did I misunderstand this, or is this one of those studies that should not have taken millions of tax dollars? Another question I have, maybe you can answer this one, maybe you cannot, I do not know; do you think that since this survey was conducted in Finland, the outcome would be different than if it were to be conducted in America or another culture, or is this an universal type of survey?

Bluman, A. (2010). Elementary statistics, a step by step approach; a brief version. (5th Ed.) New York: McGraw-Hill I need comments and feedback.THANKS

In retrospect, now that I have comments from my professor, I find I must agree with her statements. For example, I see exactly what she means by asking if 3rd age is clearly going to be worse than prime age. In fact, I also wondered about the feasibility of performing this study. It is also helpful where she asks if a similar study would yield the same results. I must say possibly not, as the third age would likely include workers at the prime of their employable period... Meaning that executives may be better poised to be at the top of their respective games than newer and greener young people just starting out. Thank you for your insightful comments.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you!
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