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The means of travel within and between neurons is different

Resolved Question:

The means of travel within and between neurons is different because: (Points: 5)
electrical signals move impulses within the neuron, while chemical signals move the impulses between neurons.
chemical signals move the impulses within the neuron, while electrical signals move impulses between neurons.
chemical signals initiate all messages in the dendrite, but change to electrical in the axon.
the axon will not receive electrical signals, but the chemical signal pushes the impulse.

9. The morning was frigid and the roads covered with ice. As Paula drove to work, she was cautious, especially in less traveled areas. When she entered the main highway, the situation was worse than she expected. As she passed a truck which had slid off the road, another vehicle lost control and spun around in front of her. She reacted rapidly, evaluating the danger and turning her car just in time to miss the out of control driver. She remembered not to attempt to use the breaks. As she continued on her way, she observed that her rate of breathing had accelerated and she felt much more alert than she had earlier. Paula experienced: (Points: 5)
an increase in serotonin which prepared her for the emergency situation.
a marked decrease in GABA which enabled her to think more clearly.
the action of the sympathetic nervous system which prepared her for crisis.
a change in the cortical complex as it reacted to danger.

10. Dr. Gillian explained that research has identified over 25,000 genes which are responsible for the genetic information which progresses from generation to generation. These genes are: (Points: 5)
telomeres which cap the chromosome.
located in a specific order along the axon of the neuron.
precise orders on an individual chromosome.
located with the synaptic gap between terminal button and receptor site.

11. Dr. Lange is a developmental psychologist. He specialized in cognitive development during the period of infancy. Like most psychologists who focus on specific periods of development, his studies: (Points: 5)
emphasize the chemical changes in the synaptic gap.
study the credibility of statistical procedures.
examine the relationship between biological development and the affects on the environment.
examine brain structures for signs of pathology.

12. Behavioral geneticists and evolutionary psychologists emphasize: (Points: 5)
environmental influence on development.
the role of personality in development.
the significance of hereditary factors in development.
the importance of parenting skills in development.

13. The fertilized egg is called a(n): (Points: 5)

14. Four weeks from conception, cell division: (Points: 5)
begins to slow down.
has resulted in an embryo which is 10,000 times larges than the zygote.
creates a zygote.
moves to the fetal period.

15. The period which begins weeks after conception and continues until birth is termed the: (Points: 5)
fetal period.
germinal period.
zygotic period.
embryonic period.

16. Maurine is a social drinker, drinking only occasionally during weekend parties with her friends. When she found out that she was pregnant, she: (Points: 5)
stopped all drinking because she knew that even a small amount of alcohol could harm the developing baby.
restricted her drinking to two drinks each evening on the weekend since a small amount of alcohol has not been found to be harmful.
selected different drinks with lower alcoholic content because the percentage of alcohol in each drink is the adverse factor for a developing baby.
began drinking small amount regularly instead of only on the weekend because it is the inconsistency of alcohol consumption which harms the developing fetus.

17. According to Erikson the first psychosocial crisis or conflict in life involves the: (Points: 5)
autonomy-versus-shame-and-doubt stage.
initiative-versus-guilt stage.
trust-versus-mistrust stage.
industry-versus-inferiority stage.

18. Although her parents insisted that she could not go to the movie with her girlfriends on a school night, Barb continued to try to persuade them to change their minds. "What if I promise to do my homework when I get home? I could do my homework in study hall tomorrow. What if I did my homework at the movie?" Her ability to generate experimental attacks to a problem indicates that she is in Piaget's: (Points: 5)
preoperational stage of cognitive development.
concrete operational stage of cognitive development.
formal operational stage of cognitive development.
the egocentric stage of cognitive development.

19. Danette knows she is not at all like her parents. She could never be like them. She is her own unique person. Her st
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