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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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25. Carmen asserts that a strong conclusion to an essay should

Customer Question

25. Carmen asserts that a strong conclusion to an essay should look ahead and present a
call for action. Carl agrees, except he insists that a strong conclusion should restate
the thesis verbatim. Who is correct?
A. Only Carmen is correct.
B. Only Carl is correct.
C. Neither Carmen nor Carl is correct.
D. Both Carmen and Carl are correct.

26. The principles for supplying evidence in support of a thesis could be represented
by an acronym: RSVSRA. According to the information in your text, the two “Rs”
could stand for
A. respectful and revealing.
B. relevant and representative.
C. revealing and relevant.
D. representative and revealing.

27. In searching out the key elements as you read an essay, you’re most likely to discover
the author’s support for his claims or ideas in the
A. title. C. body of the essay.
B. introductory paragraph. D. conclusion.

28. Which of the following is a common error in composing a thesis statement?
A. You focus your thesis statement after you begin writing.
B. You offer an original perspective on a familiar theme.
C. Your thesis statement contains two or more central points.
D. Your thesis statement is specific as opposed to general.

29. The usual point of view when writing a formal academic essay is
A. subjective. C. second person.
B. personal. D. third person.

30. Karen asserts that a thesis statement is best developed after prewriting.
Kyle claims that a thesis statement should be the first step of the
prewriting process. Who is correct?
A. Only Karen is correct.
B. Only Kyle is correct.
C. Both Karen and Kyle are correct.
D. Neither Karen nor Kyle is correct.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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