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Keystone online course English 1 Question 1 2 points

Resolved Question:

Keystone online course English 1

Question 1 2 points Save
In The Gift of the Magi, Jim's suggestion that he and Della put away the Christmas presents shows that he is
loving and practical.
unsentimental and cruel.
tired of presents.
unforgiving and resentful.

Question 2 2 points Save
Irony is built upon the basic element of

Question 3 2 points Save
In the story, Snow, through the story's first-person narration, the reader comes to understand
Sister Zoe's opinions about teaching and politics.
Yolanda's feelings about the world around her.
President John F. Kennedy's views on Communist expansion.
Yolanda's life before moving to New York City.

Question 4 2 points Save
The term "point of view" refers to the way the writer has chosen to
create conflict.
present dialogue.
create a setting.
tell a story.

Question 5 2 points Save
From which point of view is the following passage written?

A young woman just moved into an apartment. She thought it was a nice neighborhood and became delighted when she heard a saxophone. She could not believe her luck - she, too, played the sax. She bolted down the stairs to find the musician. What a lovely song, she said. She knew at once that he would be her partner for life.
omniscient point of view
first-person point of view
third-person limited point of view
second-person point of view

Question 6 2 points Save
In The Necklace, Mathilde seems happiest when
she receives the invitation to the reception.
she attends and dances at the reception.
her husband gives her money to buy a new dress.
Mme. Forestier lets her borrow the necklace.

Question 7 2 points Save
The theme of a story
announces the topic in one or two words.
is stated directly in the story.
provides entertainment only.
makes some revelation about the subject.

Question 8 2 points Save
The theme often reveals
a character's motives.
hints about a story's outcome.
a truth about human behavior.
the strength of a story's plot.

Question 9 2 points Save
In Marigolds, the emotion Lizabeth feels when she hears her father cry is

Question 10 2 points Save
In Helen on Eighty-sixth Street, why is Vita upset with Helen McGuire?
Helen teases Vita every day at school.
Helen has been chosen to play Helen of Troy, a part which Vita wanted.
Helen stole Vita's boyfriend.
Helen copied Vita's homework.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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