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Periodic Table Essential Questions

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Essential Question: Why are the elements arranged in the Periodic Table?

Does each energy level have each type of orbital? Give an example.

Write out the electron configuration for Bromine (Br).

Write the Bohr diagram for Magnesium (Mg).

How many energy levels does period 6 have?

What does a graph of number of electrons in each energy level look like? Why?


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you so much. My son says he thinks period 6 has 36 energy levels--not 6. Can you let me know about this.

Hello, thanks for your reply.


There are seven possible energy levels. The number of energy levels (n) corresponds to the row or period on which the element is located on the periodic chart. Maybe he is thinking of number of total orbitals for an energy level. The total possible number of orbitals for an energy level is n^2. So, for period six this would be 36 (theoretically, since only s, p, d, f sublevels are used for the known elements).


Hope this helps!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks a lot. I left an accept and $8 bonus. Hope I did that right and you got it. Thanks again.

Yes, I did get it and thank you very much! Glad I could help out.