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Why were the framers of the Constitution concerned about the

Resolved Question:

Why were the framers of the Constitution concerned about the central government having too much power? How did they
address that issue? Include proper in-text citations in APA format to support your answer.

about 250 words
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chelsea replied 5 years ago.

Chelsea :

Hi, I can help you with that question!

Chelsea :

Here is the answer to your question:

Chelsea :

The framers of the Constitution were concerned about too much power being held by the central government because of the tyranny that they felt they had experienced under the British monarchs, both in Great Britain and while the American colonies had still been under British rule. They addressed the issue by separating power among the three independent branches of federal government, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and by keeping some rights as the purview of the states. This created a system of “checks and balances” whereby one branch of government could not seize all control of the government, but divided power between the Congress and the President, giving the Supreme Court the ability to override the laws and mediate legal disputes. The framers of the Constitution sought to make the new government “strong enough to rule the nation, but not so strong as to threaten the liberties of the states and of the people” (US State Department, 2004).



US State Department. (2004). The Constitution of the United States of America. Retrieved from:


Chelsea :

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