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. An essential property of God, according to the Ontological

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. An essential property of God, according to the Ontological Argument, is (Points : 1)

2. John Searle tried to show that there was more to thinking than merely manipulating symbols with his (Points : 1)
Chinese restaurant though-experiment
Chinese room thought-experiment
Popperian refutation thought-experiment
Chinese medicine thought-experiment

3. Those recognized as agents by society will have both (Points : 1)
rights and responsibilities.
abilities in math and science.
the right to vote and the right to drink.
a Bar Mitzvah and a Vision Quest.

4. The new atheists insist that (Points : 1)
The Argument from Design is the most compelling argument for God.
many aspects of religion need to be sharply criticized.
Americans are, for the most part, atheists.
they are atheists because they aren't sure if Islam is correct or not.

5. The Terri Schiavo case raised difficult questions about (Points : 1)
the legal status of a person in a permanent vegetative state.
the nature of the person.
the right to die.
All of these choices

6. Pascal distinguished two conceptions of God. These were (Points : 1)
the God of the Jews, and the God of the Christians.
the God of the Christians and the God of the Muslims.
the God the Philosophers and the God of the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
the God of the Jews, and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

7. The Ontological Proof of the Existence of God claims that God exists because (Points : 1)
God's perfection includes necessary existence.
morality requires a religious foundation.
Aquinas said God exists.
if God did not exist, humans could not understand evil.

8. A philosopher who can be seen as insisting on fideism as justified was (Points : 1)
Thomas Aquinas.

9. To adopt the Principle of Charity is to (Points : 1)
assume moral people donate to the poor.
assume those with whom we argue are sincere.
assume everyone agrees on everything.
assume that no truths can exist.

10. The First Cause argument for the existence of God assumes that (Points : 1)
the universe is stable and ruled by natural law.
the universe has not always existed.
the universe may be larger than we suspect.
the big bang shows that God isn't required to explain the world.

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