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GEOGRAPHY 3. When Alfred Wegener argued early last century

Resolved Question:


3. When Alfred Wegener argued early last century that all continents had once been connected by had cracked and moved part, he had little to support his theory besides the shape of the continents. Today, much evidence supports the theory of continental drift, not the least of which is an accurate measurement of increasing or decreasing distances between fixed points on various plates. Not only are horizontal movements on the order of centimeters per year measureable with modern equipment, but the much slower lifting of mountains is also measured with great accuracy.

What modern equipment is capable of making such fine measurements on shifting surfaces, and when was it developed? When a plate is said to move northeast at one inch per year, to what is the movement relative? Besides these readings, what other evidence have scientists found that all the Earth's landmasses were once connected? And which mountain ranges are still being formed, which are eroding, and when will the Great Rift Valley - a divergent fault - become an inland sea?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  GeologyTutor replied 6 years ago.

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