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$25 Bonus if I can get this today  The lastest I would need this would be Friday.


I was wondering if someone could help me with this. If you can when would you be able to get it to me. I was wondering if you could help with these questions. There isnt a word count. When do you think you could have them done. 1. What is the main purpose for a K–8 math scope and sequence? 2. How would you describe the K–8 math scope and sequence from the school district you chose? 3. Describe the format of the K–8 math scope and sequence from the school district you chose. 4. What would you change about the K–8 math scope and sequence from the school district you chose? 5. Describe how teachers might use the scope and sequence to help plan math lessons and instruction throughout the year. 6. How would you use the K–8 math scope and sequence to plan your students’ math instructions with short- and long-term planning? 7. Compare the K–8 math scope and sequence from the school district you chose with your state curriculum for K–8. 8. How does your state curriculum for K–8 mathematics compare with the national curriculum? 9. Compare the K–8 math scope and sequence from the school district you choose with the NCTM scope and sequence. 10. Explain the role standards play in planning and instruction in mathematics. Explain the role standards play in developing a scope and sequence. 11. How could a K–8 math scope and sequence benefit you as a first-year teacher?

On the others that you have open, just let me know and request me.THANKS! Kelvin
This one is done, did you get it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

sorry here are the questions. i am willing to give a 25 bonus if I can have it tponight.



I was wondering if you would like to help with this. I would need them by Thursday. At least 200 words each question. Thank you

1. Describe a lesson in which you were required to integrate mathematical concepts across content areas. How is this different than using integration within mathematical concepts?
2. There are some advantages to unit planning versus stand-alone lessons. Based on your experiences, how does unit planning help strengthen your lessons and your overall goals?
3. What are some different methods to assess learning in science? What are some traditional assessments? What are more contemporary methods of assessment? Why is it important to use a variety of assessment techniques in a science classroom?
4. Classroom management and safety practice is important to address in a science class. How would you address your class on these issues? How would you ensure that students follow your rules?

THis is a bit longer, but I will do it for you tonight if needed. My rate is 10-12/page (250 words) so this would be about 3.5 pages, so tell you what, because of the rush and you being a repeat, I will do it for you for $8 question and $32 bonus, or total of $40. I am PST (Seattle) so let me know asap if you want them done. Thanks, Kelvin (researchpro)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That works for me. I am in Idaho and would need them by 12
ok, I figured Idaho :-)

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