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Microeconomics Exam 1. If the marginal tax rate equals

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Microeconomics Exam:

1. If the marginal tax rate equals the average tax rate, the tax would be (Points : 1)

2. The tax rate structure is the ________ . (Points : 1)
measure or value upon which a tax is levied
measure of who pays the tax
study of how taxes change over time
percentage of a tax base that must be paid in taxes

3. The measure or value upon which a tax is levied is the (Points : 1)
tax base.
tax rate.
tax structure.
tax incidence.

4. Second hand cigarette smoke is an example of a(n) ________. (Points : 1)
economy of scale
public good
government failure

5. Paula was born with an aptitude for learning languages. This aptitude is an example of ________. (Points : 1)
a compensating differential
human capital
natural capital

6. The bottom fifth of families in the income distribution receive most of their income from ________ income. (Points : 1)

7. ________ is(are) an example of selling externality rights. (Points : 1)
Auctioning the right to buy a car each year
Direct regulation of externalities
Having the damaged party avoid the damage
Government imposed taxes and subsidies

8. The utility possibilities frontier is a graphic representation of a two-person world that shows all points at which A's utility can be ________ . (Points : 1)
increased only if B's utility is increased
decreased only if B's utility is decreased
increased only if B's utility is decreased
held constant as B's utility is either increased or decreased

9. Households derive the majority of their income from ________ . (Points : 1)
wages and salaries
inherited wealth
government transfers

10. Evidence suggests that in the last several decades, technology has played a role in driving inequality. Thus, ________ may be key to reducing inequality in the future. (Points : 1)
research and development

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