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What is the goal of implementing HR technology, such as HR

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What is the goal of implementing HR technology, such as HR portals or HR software? How can these goals and objectives be accomplished? What are some challenges when implementing HR technology?

Joanne :

The goal of implementing HR technology will be to manage human resources in an organization more efficiently and effectively. This will help to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the organization. These goals can be achieved by appropriately adopting HR technology such as HR software and HR portals to carry out the traditional tasks of the HR development such as to manage the performance appraisal review and processing as well as the hiring process. These technology helps make information management more convenient, therefore allowing the HR department to carry out such tasks more efficiently. In addition, the technology can help to reduce problems such as miscommunication and storage of data. When implementing HR technology, a challenge which the organization will face will be the possibly significant cost of adopting the technology. In addition, employees may be resistant to such technology should they find it hard to learn how to utilize the technology.

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