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KELVIN/RESEARCH PRO- Write a Rough Draft of your World Rel

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KELVIN/RESEARCH PRO- Write a Rough Draft of your World Religions Report that is at least 1250 words long. Include complete references in APA format for at least three credible sources. Kelvin, This is part one of my next weeks World Religion class. Next week is the following: Select a religion that is not your own and then visit a place of worship and interview a person of that faith. Write a 2,000- to 2,500-word informative paper about the religion. Compare your selected religion with at least one other religion you are familiar with through this class. Include the following elements: · Introduction of the religion · Name, location and review of the site. · Interview summary · Comparing and contrasting with another religion · Conclusion · References Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. ***the bottom one is what I need next week, but I need a 1,200 word rough draft. I didn't know it was due last night*** Can you help?!?!

Also, I picked the Wiccan religion for my world religion.
Which do you need, 1250 or 2000-2500 words?

Let me know so I can have customer service get back with you on rates. THANKS!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I need the 1250 rough draft Of the 2000+ does that make sense? The 2000 word one is my final. I need a rough draft of the final. Which I will have you do next week since your doing the rough draft.
Also, I know this is way under priced. I dont need anyone to get back to me. I am on the subscription plan so I don't get to pick the price, but I am offering a $60 bonus for the rough draft.

Does this all make sense?
OK, I will finish it for you at the bonus you promised and I will work on the other paper for you once I get your feedback. I am glad I can help you! I am in seattle, PST, you?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Great! Thank you so much. I'm not sure if I posted but I picked the Wiccan religion. Keep in mind it's just a rough draft so don't worry about the interview/place of worship part. You can BS that part next week because I know there is no place of worship and my instructor knows that lol. I will also give a bonus for the final paper as well. I will post whatever feedback my instructor gives me on the draft for you. I am in CA so I'm on the same time zone :-) thank you so much!! I can't believe I missed this assignment in the syllabus!
ok, here ya go. I have some ideas for the comparison. KEEP ME POSTED!
Background - Wicca, or Pagan Witchcraft, is a pagan movement that originated centuries ago with many pagan tribes and animistic cultures; primarily those cultures that lived in forests and attempted to be more harmonious with nature. Modern Wicca developed in England during the first half of the 20th century, and was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s by a Wiccan High Priest, Gerald Cardner, who called the religion the witch cult and its practioneers the Wica (Gardner, 1999).
Because there are no staunch doctrine, there is no one Wicca. However, there are several themes and trends that permeate the belief system. It is typically a duotheistic religion, which worships both a god and goddess, again traditionally viewed as the Triple Goddess and Horned God. They are dual, but parts of a whole that tend to manifest themselves in different ways. Wicca also involves the ritual use of magic, largely ceremonial and symbolist, which also celebrates the seasons, phases of the moon, and holidays coinciding with natural events (Kelly, 1991).
Belief Systems – There are literally hundreds of interpretations of Wicca, but most can be broken down into five core belief systems. We must note, though, that there are Wiccan sects that are monotheistic, and some even atheistic, depending on which interpretation or writings they follow. The most common beliefs, though, follow a pantheistic, duo theistic and animist view of theology and the universe. In this view, Wiccans believe that the who cosmos is alive, as a whole and all of its parts, but that “"such an organic view of the cosmos cannot be fully expressed, and lived, without the concept of the God and Goddess. There is no manifestation without polarization; so at the highest creative level, that of Divinity, the polarization must be the clearest and most powerful of all, reflecting and spreading itself through all the microcosmic levels as well" (Farrar, 1987, 2-3).
• Theology – The duality of the God and Goddess as polarities is usually central to Wicca in that they balance each other out, much like the yin and yang of Taoism. They are the physical and spiritual embodiment of nature, symbolic in almost every aspect of the universe. The Goddess is typically symbolized as the Mother Earth or the Moon; the God the Horned God, nature, wilderness, or the Sun. The Goddess is tripartite: virginal, the Mother and the crone, signifying the three stages of life. This can be likened to almost every religious view of having a causality that is usually nurtured, or brought forth, by the sacred feminine. Taken in general, many Wiccans see each part of nature as symbolic of a higher power; some take this to support animism and finding God in many things, others more simply as the connectivity of everything in nature (Gallagher, A., 2005).
• The Afterlife – Reincarnation is a traditional Wiccan teaching dating back to at least the earliest writings on the subjects. Many of Europe’s pagan tribes did not leave detailed written records, so it is difficult to find a solid scholarly link, but based on traditions (oral) and other evidence, it is likely that the seasonality of nature (seeds into plants, dying in winter, being reborn in spring) was a template for this idea as well. Some Wiccans believe that this reincarnation can be within the same species over time to learn additional lessons, some through different species. However, what is most important is that Wicca does not emphasize the afterlife, but prefers its followers to focus on the present, “the instinctual position of most [Wiccans], therefore, seems to be that if one makes the most of the present life, in all respects, then the next life is more or less certainly going to benefit from the process, and so one may as well concentrate on the present” (Hutton, 1999, 392).
• Magic – Magic, defined by Wicca, is an unseen force that can be used to manifest certain forces and to learn the secrets of nature. Most Wiccans believe magic to be part of the laws of nature – not supernatural, just simply by making appropriate use of all five senses, getting in tune with Nature, and rather than overanalyzing the scientific aspects, simply “knowing” it works because of the long tradition of seeing it work. Wiccans do acknowledge that in everything there is duality, so there can be a dark side, or dark use of magic as well. Magic is separate from technology; it is more Taoist in principle in that, like the Taoist force of nature, it simply permeates all of life and asks that one learn to be more in tune with its energy (Gallagher, 321).
• Morality – Unlike many religions that have a set of moral laws and/or codes, there really is no dogmatic ethical or moral code for Wiccan. However, a majority follows a code called the Wiccan Rede, that is simple but powerful in its message, “you may do most anything as long as it harms no one.” Typically, this is usually interpreted by having the freedom and responsibility of action, as long as one’s actions never harm self or others (Harrow, 2002). In addition, many Wicca hold onto the Law of Threefold Return. Which states that whatever actions a person forms will return to that person three times (mind, body, spirit), very similar to the Eastern ideal of Karma. As such, Wicca is very liberal, simply believing that the more goodness one disperses, the more goodness one will receive (Lembke, 2002).
• The Five Sacred Elements – Unlike the manner in which the five classical elements were used in Ancient Greece and Rome, Wicca sees them as symbolic of all phases of matter. These are, of course, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, plus Ether (Spirit) which is the uniting element. The concept is usually expressed as a pentagram or a tree, with the analogy of the Earth (plant and soil), Water (sap and moisture), Fire (photosynthesis), and Air (oxygen from carbon dioxide) and Ether (the wind dispersing seed and chemicals (Gallagher).
Rituals and Practices – Wicca has a number of rituals that help celebrate seasons and communion with nature. Typically, a coven or assembly includes a purified “magic circle” which invokes nature and the guardians of all time and space. Within this circle lies positive energy, and portions of the circle are dedicated to the five major elements. Tools used within this circle are wands, pentacles, or chalices, candles, incense, a knife, or even a broomstick. All of these are symbolic for some aspect of nature, the purpose being to work spells of positive energy or healing. Sometimes, more traditional covens believe that it is more natural to work without clothing, others try to wear only robes of common material; attempting to get as close to nature as possible.
Most of the ceremonies in Wicca, which are called Sabbats, are part of a yearly spiritual calendar called the “Wheel of the Year.” They tend to follow the seasons, cycles of the moon, and seem to have originated with the Druidic festivals in Ancient Britain, cementing the coven to Mother Nature in a more public manner. It is also interesting to note that these festivals, celebrated from Celtic or Germanic paganism, were often used by the early Christian Church to tie their own rituals so that pagans would simply see the rituals as more the same (e.g. December 21-22, Yuletide or rebirth of the Sun) (Crowley, 1989).
In Wicca, there is no single sacred text like the Bible, Talmud or Quar’an. However, many Wiccan covens use a book entitled “The Book of Shadows,” which is more a central repository for rituals and spells, as well as religious poetry and chants. It is not meant to be dogma, or a formal ethical theory, but more of a place to gather information and to remember ritual (Farrar, 1996).
Conclusions –Wicca emerged as part of a primarily Western tradition, and then became modernized and popularized in a Christian Country (England). Many Christians believe that Wicca is a form of satanic worship, despite evidence showing a far gulf between anything evil or satanic. Due to these misunderstandings and biases, many Wiccans shun publicity and prefer their worship and beliefs to be private in nature. Many non-Wiccans believe Wicca is anti-Christian, which it is not, but one practitioner said that while there were many in Wicca who truly admired Jesus Christ, “witches have little respect for the doctrines of the churches, which they regard as a lot of man-made dogma"(Valiente, 1973, intro). Any brief study of Wicca shows that it is a benevolent, highly natural, and philosophical religion. However, Wicca continues to feel hostility from many political groups and Christian organizations. Unfortunately, this also included former president George W. Bush who noted that he did not accept that Wicca was even a religion (Bush, 1999).

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Lembke, K. (2002). The Threefold Law. Adult Pagan Essay Series. Retrieved from:
Valiente, D. (1973). An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present. New York: Hale.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Great! Thank you! I should have a response from my instructor soon. Next time, please do this as an attachment :-)
I will find out how to do that. However, see my note on this. I stopped other projects to help you on this one; if you are pleased with the results, please accept per your agreement above. Then you can get back with me on the instructor's issues for the final. Thanks! Kelvin
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You can just upload it to mediafire and copy and paste the link. That's the easiest I think. Of course I'm going to accept. I was just saying the feedback from my instructor in general :-) I will leave your bonus shortly as I am at work and on my phone, haha. But I will accept the question now. Thanks again so much for helping!! And even more so for dropping everything. You did not have to do so, but I appreciate it VERY much!!!
THank you!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you so much again! I am waiting for my check to clear (have to love bank holds!!) and then I'll do the $60 bonus. Unless, you want to go ahead and do the final assignment that was the 2,000+ words and I can leave you a $120 bonus after at once for both instead of charging my card twice? Let me know.

HERE is the feedback from my instructor. If you decide to start on the final Due Saturday, please remeber the interview and place of visit. Of course you can make the interview part up, and place of visit (it can be a wicca shop near Sacramento, CA or something). Of if you can't find anything, I'll just inform my instructor that there was no where to visit.

1. When is this due? Saturday? So if I have to you before
Friday you are OK? You lost points on the draft for being late, I do not want
you to be late.

2. I have NO problem with the comparison.

3. These are the ideas I'd have regarding a shop to visit,
need your OK:

Blossoming Path in Fair Oaks

Planet Earth Rising in Folsom

Ancient Ways in Oakland

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, this is due Saturday, so Friday would be great! Also, Planet Earth Rising in Folsom is closest to me so that would be perfect. Is what I offered about one bonus all together okay?
Yes, that would be quite fine. THANKS!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, thank you!!
OK, will get to it asap!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Great! Thank you so much!!

Of course, I am thinking of using Daoism as a bit of a comparison, do you have access to a Taoist or Daosit area of town? I see quite a few in the outlying areas?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Taoist, yes. But I don't think the comparison is one we have to visit.
No problem, I will try to finish up today. This was a fun assignment for me!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm glad it was fun for you! I got clarification from my instructor and he said that the comparison can be any religion and we do not have to visit it. It's just for comparison against the religion we chose.
I will finish this up tomorrow morning for you!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How is this coming along? It is due tonight.
It is done, I submitted it to Academic Plagiarism for a review, then I will review it and check references and upload. SO NO WORRIES!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok great! Thank you

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, I got this fine. Thank you so much! You have helped me so much with this assignment and I really appreciate it. Your an awesome expert and I'm glad my friend told me about this site!
I need to format and edit the paper and will leave your bonus shortly! Could you also delete the link from mediafire? Thanks again! I literally could not have done this without you!
Thank you, was it OK? If so, would appreciate you OK'ing the bonus. THANK YOU! Kelvin
Were you able to contact customer service about the $120?