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15.Larry thinks the necklace owned by Samantha is worth a million

Resolved Question:

15.Larry thinks the necklace owned by Samantha is worth a million dollars. Larry offers a million dollars to Samantha for the necklace, and she accepts. Later, Larry has the necklace appraised and learns it's worth only $10,000. Which of the following is true?

A. Samantha has the right to rescind the contract and have the necklace returned.
B. Larry can't have the contract set aside on grounds of mistake.
C. Larry can have the contract set aside on grounds of mistake.
D. Larry can have the contract set aside on grounds of capacity.

16.Delivery of unordered merchandize is considered

A. a contract to purchase if the items aren't returned.
B. an offer to sell.
C. a contract to purchase unless the recipient contacts the sender to reject the merchandize.
D. performance of a contract.

19.Angela, age 14, contracts to purchase medicine from the pharmacy. She and the pharmacist both know that she needs this medicine to live and that it's not being provided to her by anyone else. Which of the following is true?

A. The contract can be avoided by Angela on grounds of duress.
B. The contract is against public policy.
C. Angela can avoid the contract on grounds of lack of capacity.
D. The pharmacist can enforce the contract.

20.On the Internet, Sara came across a software package she wanted to download. To download the software, she had to read a disclaimer and click an "I Agree" button. Sara didn't bother to read the contents of the "Agreement and Warranties" disclaimer, but she clicked "I Agree." The software caused her computer to crash. Sara filed suit against the company that ran the Web site, and the company's defense is that the "Agreement and Warranties" disclaimer to which Sara agreed disclaimed any responsibility for such occurrences. The most likely result is that Sara will

A. win her lawsuit because disclaimers aren't enforceable.
B. lose her lawsuit because she didn't read the disclaimer, which isn't enforceable.
C. win her lawsuit because she didn't the read disclaimer.
D. lose her lawsuit because the disclaimer will be enforced.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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