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Business Law Multiple choice 23. Elizabeth stayed in her

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Business Law Multiple choice

23. Elizabeth stayed in her apartment beyond the date she agreed to move out.
The landlord demanded that she move out immediately, but she refused. Which type
of tenancy is this? (Points: 2)
A. Tenancy at sufferance B. Periodic tenancy
C. Tenancy for a term D. Tenancy at will
24. What section of some contracts could relieve a party from tort liability?
(Points: 2)
A. An exculpatory clause B. A non-competition clause
C. The commerce clause D. The takings clause
25. The key concept of quasi-contract is (Points: 2)
A. Foreseeable reliance B. Unjust enrichment
C. Good faith D. Profit maximization
27. According to Casey, Julie owes her $50. Julie disagrees with the amount and
sends Casey a check for $35 marked "payment in full." If Casey cashes the check,
she cannot recover the remaining $15 from Julie according to ______________.
(Points: 2)
A. Quasi-contract B. Good faith
C. Promissory estoppel D. Accord and satisfaction
28. Caveat emptor means (Points: 2)
A. Let the vendor beware B. Beware of freedom to contract
C. Beware of lawyers D. Let the buyer beware
29. Which is not a type of misuse of legal proceedings? (Points: 2)
A. Malicious prosecution B. Private nuisance
C. Wrongful use of civil proceedings D. Abuse of process
30. Which is not a tort-based form of product liability? (Points: 2)
A. Negligence B. Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose
C. Strict liability (Section 402A) D. None of the above
31. An illegal contract to kill someone tomorrow would be (Points: 2)
A. Void B. Voidable C. Valid D. Executed
32. The _____________ requires that landlords ask for permission before entering
a tenant's dwelling and requires that landlords stop excessive noise from other
tenants. (Points: 2)
A. Implied warranty of quiet enjoyment B. Implied warranty of fitness
C. Implied warranty of possession D. Law of constructive eviction

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