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1. (TCO 8) Which of the following is one of the most common

Customer Question

1. (TCO 8) Which of the following is one of the most common file types imported into Excel? (Points : 2)

2. (TCO 8) To create a connection between the original data source and the imported data in Excel, use the ________ on the Data tab. (Points : 2)
Data Validation command
Connection command
Edit Links command
Commands in the Get External Data group

3. (TCO 8) The ________ group on the Data tab contains tools to help you manage your external data connections. (Points : 2)
Get External Data
Data Tools

4. (TCO 8) Text to Columns command splits text in one column into separate ________. (Points : 2)

5. (TCO 8) To change the text string jOHn dOE to John Doe, use the ________ function. (Points : 2)

6. (TCO 8) To change the text string Jack Doe to JACK DOE, use the ________ function. (Points : 2)

7. (TCO 8) Which of the following will produce the same result as the CONCATENATE function? (Points : 2)

8. (TCO 8) If you want to send a letter to all your customers using Mail Merge, and you already have the customers' names and addresses stored in an Excel file, you should choose _________ from the Select Recipients menu while performing the merge. (Points : 2)
Type New List
Use Existing List
Import from Excel
Select from Outlook Contacts

9. (TCO 8) In Excel, the Compare and Merge command is located on which of the following tabs? (Points : 2)
Review tab
Data tab
File tab
None of the above

10. (TCO 8) If you have a table with city, state, and zip code merged together in column C and use the Convert Text to Columns Wizard to separate the data into three fields, you need: (Points : 2)
empty columns to the right of column C.
empty rows at the bottom of the worksheet.
empty columns to the left of column C.
empty rows at the top of the worksheet.

11. (TCO 8) The ________ command displays all comments in the entire workbook. (Points : 2)
Track Changes
Show Ink
Show/Hide Comment
Show All Comments

12. (TCO 8) The command to send an Excel workbook by e-mail is located on the ________ tab. (Points : 2)

13. (TCO 8) Windows can search for files by author name or keywords that have been entered into ________. (Points : 2)
a file name
the Trust Center
document properties
cell A1

14. (TCO 8) Which function is similar to the Find and Replace feature? (Points : 2)

15. (TCO 8) You can identify duplicate rows in a table using the _________. (Points : 2)
Data Validation menu in the Data Tools group on the Data tab of the Ribbon
Error Checking command in the Formula Auditing group on the Formulas tab of the Ribbon
PivotTable command in the Tables group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon
Conditional Formatting command in the Styles group on the Home tab of the Ribbon
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Category: Homework