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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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36) Organizational structure has six key elements. Which of

Resolved Question:

36) Organizational structure has six key elements. Which of the following is not one of these elements?

A. work specialization
B. formalization
C. centralization
D. departmentalization
E. location of authority

37) Investors bragged about their investing expertise during the stock market rally between 1996 and early 2000, then blamed analysts, brokers, and the Federal Reserve when the market imploded in 2000. These investors were most probably guilty of what?

A. the halo effect
B. distinctiveness
C. fundamental attribution error
D. self-serving bias
E. selective perception

38) Phrases such as “more cultural diversity,” “many new entrants with inadequate skills,” and “increase in aging workers” are all examples of what force for change?

A. nature of the work force
B. social trends
C. technology
D. world politics
E. competition

39) What term is used for the tendency of an individual to attribute his own successes to internal factors while putting the blame for failures on external factors?

A. consistency
B. selective perception
C. fundamental attribution error
D. self-serving bias
E. stereotyping

40) _____ developed a Vocational Preference Inventory questionnaire that contains 160 occupational titles.

A. Hofstede
B. Surber
C. Maslow
D. Herzberg
E. Holland
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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