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2. (TCO 7) Maxley Markets Company sells logo sports merchandise

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2. (TCO 7) Maxley Markets Company sells logo sports merchandise and does custom embroidery. They are trying to decide whether or not to continue embroidery. The following information is available for the segments. Assume that all direct fixed costs could be avoided if a segment is dropped and that the total common fixed costs would remain unchanged if the embroidery were dropped.

Embroidery Apparel Sales
Sales $120,000 $420,000
Variable Costs $90,00 $220,000
Contribution Margin $30,000 $200,000
Direct Fixed Costs $18,000 $70,000
Allocated Common Fixed Costs $20,000 $70,000
Net Income ($ 8,000) $60,000

(a) What would be the impact on profits if embroidery was dropped?
(b) Assume that if embroidery was dropped, apparel sales would increase 20%. What is the impact on contribution margin and net income?
(c) Give an example of a cost that is not relevant in this analysis.

3. (TCO 4) The following monthly data are available for RedEx, which produces only one product that it sells for $84 each. Its unit variable costs are $28 and its total fixed expenses are $64,960. Sales during April totaled 1,600 units.

(a) How much is the breakeven point in sales dollars for RedEx?
(b) How many units must RedEx sell in order to earn a profit of $24,640?
(c) A new employee suggests that RedEx sponsor a company softball team as a form of advertising. The cost to sponsor the team is $1,792. How many more units must be sold to cover this cost?

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