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1. Your client sits in front of you and constantly taps his

Customer Question

1. Your client sits in front of you and constantly taps his foot. If
the phone rings, he’s very startled, and his entire body jerks.
He reports being unable to sleep and his wife says he’s very
irritable. What could he be showing?
A. Psychotic decompensation
B. Chronic phase of alcoholism
C. Stage II of rape trauma
D. Acute stress disorder
2. A 12-year-old girl suddenly starts sucking her thumb. She’s
reluctant to go to bed and is unable to concentrate at school.
She may be
3. Your client reports that her husband has on occasion hidden her car keys, picked a
fight with her so that she was late to work, and has shouted at her. He’s likely to be
A. a batterer. C. clinically depressed.
B. a sexual abuse survivor. D. abusing marijuana.
4. As a therapist, you have a “duty to warn.” In other words, if you feel that a client is
dangerous to a certain person, you must warn that person of the danger. This is a
result of
A. informed consent. C. the Tarasoff case.
B. support group therapy. D. the ABC model.
5. You’ve been a volunteer fire fighter for two years. You discover that you can’t forget a
certain fire where a child died. You tremble when you hear a loud bell of any kind, and
you aren’t interested in talking to your children. You’re suffering from
A. countertransference. C. dual relationship.
B. secondary PTSD. D. codependency.
A. depressed.
B. the witness of a violent crime.
C. using amphetamines.
D. suffering from ARC.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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