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(DQ 4) What is privatization as it relates to prisons How

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(DQ 4)
What is privatization as it relates to prisons? How does this affect state and federal prison systems? How well do privatized prisons meet the correctional criteria compared to those of federal and state prisons?

Chris12 :

Is APA required? How many words or pages to complete? How many references needed? What day is the assingment due and what time on that day? Is there any other information need to complete the assignment?


No apa required! Word mini/max should be between 200 to 300! Due Friday night

Chris12 :

Okay, I'm on it.

Chris12 :


Chris12 :

is the assignment:


Privatization of prisons means that incarceration facilities are run by private owners and institutions rather than the State or Federal government. These prisons are run in the same manner as corporations. The name of the game is profit, the more inmates that are housed in these facilities the more money that the owners/institution collects. These facilities are not held to the same standards as those controlled by the State and Federal government. The guards in these facilities may not have adequate training, knowledge or skills to handle the types of prisoners housed in the facility. Law enforcement experience and practical training are necessary, especially for those inmates who have committed high profile crimes (McBride).

The layout of the prison is also important either dormitory style or single-cell again depending on the type of prison. The wrong housing structure can cause major problems such as increased escapes and increased internal violence. There may be more inmates than guards which is a major safety issue. Last but not least proper facility maintenance may be lacking and the notification process for escaped or released inmates can be delayed. The community has a right to know as soon as possible the types of criminals that are released into their environment. On the other hand private prisons are not completely negative. These facilities can reduce overcrowding in State and Federal prisons which brings the cost down (McBride).

This is a temporary solution to a continuous problem. Crime will only be reduced when the root is identified and dealt with. It is easier to prevent a situation than to clean up once it has occurred.




McBride, Thea. Pros & Cons of Prison Privatization. Retrieved September 15, 2011, from


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