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Is an expert there, this is an accounting questions

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Is an expert there, this is an accounting questions
I can help you. Please post your questions.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your response, here it go

23) The two major categories of technical considerations for a management accounting and control system are:
A) design and accuracy of information.
B) relevance of information and scope of system.
C) service and timely information.
D) development and flexibility.

24) When implementing a new management accounting and control system, it is BEST:
A) to allow management to implement their ideas.
B) for management to involve employees in the implementation.
C) to involve consultants and implement their experienced ideas.
D) to engage in benchmarking.

25) In a management accounting and control system design, behavioral expectations are BEST incorporated by:
A) using a mix of short-term and quantitative performance measures.
B) developing a task-related control system.
C) including the organization's code of conduct.
D) monitoring behavior with time and motion studies.

26) Assumptions of the human resources model of motivation include all of the following EXCEPT:
A) employees prefer to follow highly-detailed, prescribed procedures.
B) individuals are motivated by both financial and nonfinancial awards.
C) employees are knowledgeable about their jobs.
D) individuals are highly creative, ethical, and responsible.

27)) The contemporary management view of motivation, the ________ is based on initiatives to improve the quality of working life.
A) balanced scorecard
B) human resources model of motivation
C) scientific management school
D) results control system

28) To promote ethical decision making:
A) consequences of unethical behavior should be left undefined to allow for flexibility.
B) a statement of the organization's code of ethics should be communicated to each employee.
C) violators of the code of ethics should be allowed several warnings before severe consequences are imposed.
D) management should be excused from adhering to the organization's ethical code of conduct when it conflicts with personal values.

29) The elements of an effective ethical control system include all of the following EXCEPT:
A) a statement of the employee's ethical responsibilities.
B) an ongoing internal audit of the efficiency of the organization's ethical control system.
C) a statement of the organization's values and code of ethics.
D) a reward system for turning in those who violate the organization's ethical code.

30) Which of the following is NOT a role of budgeting in organizations?
A) performance evaluation.
B) historical financial statements.
C) allocation of resources.
D) motivation of employees.

31) Budgeting does NOT require:
A) knowledge of the organization's activities.
B) specialized expertise in financial management and control.
C) knowledge about how activities affect costs.
D) the ability to see how the organization's different activities fit together.

32) All of the following are true statements about the role of budgets and budgeting EXCEPT that:
A) a budget is a quantitative summary of the expected allocations and financial consequences of the organization's short-term operating activities.
B) budgeting includes the process of estimating money inflows and outflows to determine a financial plan that will meet an organization's objectives.
C) the difference between actual results and the budget plan are called variances.
D) budgeting solves most business challenges because it coordinates activities and communicates the organization's short-term goals to its members.

33) Operating budgets include the:
A) projected balance sheet.
B) projected income statement.
C) capital spending plan.
D) expected cash flow statement.

34) Financial budgets are prepared:
A) to specify expectations for selling, purchasing, and production.
B) to evaluate the financial results of the proposed decisions.
C) so that financial statements can be prepared for shareholders.
D) to plan for production capacity.
Whats your deadline for these questions?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
friday 9 before 6 pm
I am already working on it. Will post the solution in 1 hour.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you I was working too. appreciate all your help. I have a couple more I just finished 20 of 40, I am in half way and your help will be great.

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