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11. Limitations of U.S. intelligence-gathering agencies took

Customer Question

11. Limitations of U.S. intelligence-gathering agencies took place under the administration
of President
A. Nixon. C. Carter.
B. Ford. D. Reagan.
12. Police agencies can use _______ to accomplish the task of providing security in their
A. information gathering and posse comitatus
B. emergency-response plans and working groups
C. posse comitatus, threat analysis, and pre-incident indicators
D. threat analysis, information gathering, and information sharing
13. The Regional Informational Sharing System was created in 1973 to
A. secure information on organized crime and terrorism.
B. allow law enforcement agencies to share information about criminal investigations.
C. manage intelligence operations within police agencies.
D. enable CIA and FBI agents to share information on strategies.
14. The military tribunal system at Guantánamo Bay was
A. established in 2006.
B. declared illegal in 2006.
C. approved by Congress in 2005.
D. disapproved by Congress in 2007.
15. What is the main difference between criminal intelligence and national security intelligence?
A. Whether or not criminal activity is suspected
B. The agency collecting the data
C. Whether the activity is taking place in the United States or overseas
D. The type of criminal activity that’s suspected
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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