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Toneemarie I need your help again I have three more questions

Resolved Question:

Toneemarie I need your help again I have three more questions for you, I need your help untill I feel better. REMEMBER IT HAVE TO BE ORIGINAL WITH REFERENCES AND APA STYLE

Reading Assignment: August, R., Mayer, D., and Bixby, M., chap. 3
Assignment Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 3-5 pages
Points Possible: 125 Due Date: 9/11/2011 11:59XXXXX

In 1999, a Seattle man took a popular soft-drink company seriously when one of its commercials made an offer of a Harrier jet, the famous high-tech jump jet used by the U.S. Marines. In a TV commercial that aired in 1995, the company jokingly included the Harrier as one of the prizes that could be received with a mere 7 million company points. Although that sounds like a lot of points to get from drinking the soft drink company's products (roughly 190 drinks a day for 100 years), the company also allowed customers to purchase points for 10 cents each.
The man did the math and discovered that the cost of the 7 million points needed for the jet was $700,000. He then put together a business plan, raised the $700,000 from friends and family, and submitted 15 points, the check, and an official order form along with a demand for the Harrier jet.

The company wrote back, stating that the Harrier jet in the commercial was simply used to create a humorous and entertaining advertisement. They apologized for any misunderstanding or confusion people may have experienced and enclosed some free product coupons.

The free coupons did not satisfy the man, who then took the soft drink company to court. Finally, a federal judge for the Southern District of New York held that the company was only joking when it implied in its ad that it was giving away fighter jets. The judge noted that because the jets sell for approximately $23 million, no one could have concluded that the commercial actually offered consumers a Harrier jet. Instead, this was a classic example of a deal that was too good to be true.

Write a 3–5-page paper that answers the following questions:

•What are the four elements of a valid contract?
•What is the objective theory of contracts?
•How does the objective theory of contracts apply to this case?
•In your own words, why do you think the court held that there was not a valid agreement here?
•Are advertisements generally considered offers? Explain.
•How does this case differ from a reward situation in which a unilateral contract is formed upon completion of the requested act?
Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include a 1–2-page Word document that contains your answers to the questions listed a reference list of any sources that you used within your paper (cited properly in APA format).

Grading: You will be graded on the accuracy of your answers and your demonstrated understanding of legal contracts.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  RopTeam replied 5 years ago.

Hi PD thanks for the bonus! I can provide original response to this question this weekend if acceptable?


Looking forward to working with you, have a pleasant day o/

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks toneemarie i am feeling beeter by the day i appreciate the help thanks again
Expert:  RopTeam replied 5 years ago.

That is good news! Enjoy your holiday!

We had a power outage due to a crazy storm that came through last night. However my block was untouched. Trees down and power to still out today! Power is back and I will get a draft up soon.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi TM i am sorry to hear about the storm and the power outage I hope you and your family is safe I have up untill wednesday to submit thands for letting me know. I hope you will have a happy holiday still. I am feeling much better everyday.
Expert:  RopTeam replied 5 years ago.

Hi PD, glad you are better!

Here is the info:

thank you


Expert:  RopTeam replied 5 years ago.

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