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Need help on Music

Resolved Question:

Hi, can I get both the letter and word/s of the correct answer? This would help me out tremendously.

1. The Renaissance period in musical history lasted from about

A. 1425 to 1600.

B. 1650 to 1750.

C. 1450 to 1750.

D. 1500 to 1789

2. Call-and-response form is often used in _______ music.

A. Jewish

B. Chinese

C. Indian

D. Bahamian

3. The term ritornello refers to the main theme of a

A. virtuoso cadenza.

B. suite.

C. concerto grosso.

D. sonata.

4. Dido and Aeneas is an example of _______ opera.

A. Romantic
B. Greek
C. Baroque
D. Italian

5. What is the pattern of the Standard Song Form?

A. A B B A
B. A A B A
C. A B A C
D. A B A B

6. Bach's Cantata no. 140 is an intricate reconstruction of a

A. well-known hymn.
B. patriotic song.
C. Baroque operetta.
D. popular ballet tune

7. Which of the following is the name for the main tune in jazz?

A. Improvisation
B. Head
C. Sequence
D. Stanza

8. Public Enemy's citation of "Don't Worry Be Happy" is a/an _______ statement about the quality of contemporary black music.

A. sympathetic
B. congratulatory
C. analytical
D. derogatory

9. The instrument that usually has the leading role in a piano trio is the

A. piano.
B. viola.
C. violin.
D. cello

10. The _______ is an example of a non-pitched instrument.

A. xylophone
B. vibraphone
C. marimba
D. cachiche

11. The dactylic meter of poetry corresponds to the _______ in music.

A. duple
B. bar form
C. triple meter
D. measure

12. One of the key components of the double-exposition concerto form is the

A. single exposition.
B. chorale.
C. cadenza.
D. theme.

13. The _______ is a plucked lute with four to six strings and is used to provide a drone.

A. bass
B. mandolin
C. bass guitar
D. tambura

14. Word painting is a technique commonly used by composers of

A. program music.
B. madrigals.
C. plainsong.
D. suites.

15. The repetition (AA), variation (AA'), and contrast (AB) of a piece of music are all part of the music's

A. form.
B. timbre.
C. texture.
D. genre.

16. What musical form is defined as a poem set to music?

A. Episode
B. Fantasie
C. Lied
D. Impromptu

17. Which one of the following terms refers to a slight deviation from the exact rhythm?

A. Rubato ***** time
C. Declamation
D. Syncopation

18. The rhythmic feature of Chuck Berry's "School Day" is

A. the wall of sound.
B. anacrusis.
C. harmonic ascent.
D. honky-tonk.

19. A _______ scale consists of five notes.

A. major
B. shaded
C. pentatonic
D. monotonic

20. The term melody refers to a pattern of

A. notes.
B. instruments.
C. tempos.
D. beats.

21. Music sung without instrumental accompaniment is usually referred to by the term

A. figured bass
B. ordo virtutum
C. countersubject
D. a capella.

22. Opera took hold in England in the _______ century.

A. eighteenth
B. seventeenth
C. early nineteenth
D. late nineteenth

23. A short, catchy motif that forms the memorable core of a song is called the

A. chord progression.
B. hook.
C. label.
D. line.

24. At the start of the String Quartet in F Major, op. 96, Dvo?ák begins with a _______ pattern using a second violin and cello.

A. polytonal
B. call-and-response
C. contrast and variation
D. stream of consciousness

25. The second movement of a symphony is usually written in _______ form.

A. A B A
B. A B C D
C. A B C A
D. A B C

26. The music of the Baroque period is usually characterized by

A. extravagance and ornamentation.
B. restraint and reverence.
C. clarity and lightness.
D. simplicity and elegance.

27. Bass and soprano registers are aspects of

A. meter.
B. pitch.
C. rhythmic values.
D. amplitude.

28. Alphonsus wants to include unified timbre in part of his cantata. How will this be accomplished?

A. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes.
B. The chorus will sing in unison while the orchestra plays an accompaniment.
C. The orchestra will play in unison while the chorus sings in harmony.
D. The instruments in the orchestra will play the same notes that the chorus is singing.

29. A/An _______ is an unstaged opera on a sacred topic.

A. coronation
B. oratorio
C. cantata
D. chorus

30. Which one of the following is an example of an oratorio?

A. Coronaton of Poppea
B. Cantata no. 97
C. The Four Seasons
D. Messiah

31. When the singers and band repeat a basic section of music while the lead singer improvises on a single motif, the result is called a

A. vamp.
B. hook.
C. groove.
D. twist

32. What is the musical term for one of many verses of poetry in a song?

A. Refrain
B. Strophe
C. Chorus
D. Canto

33. A _______ is a melodic pattern in Indian music designed to express or produce a specific feeling.

A. tala
B. tabla
C. karnataka
D. raga

34. What is the musical term for a prescribed series of pitches that step upward and downward?

A. meter.
B. cadence.
C. measure.
D. scale.

35. The principal form of Chinese opera today is known as

A. wuchang.
B. suona.
C. Jingju.
D. jinghu.

36. The combination of antecedent and consequent units that make a larger whole is called the
A. punctuation.
B. full cadence.
C. periodic phrase structure.
D. theme and variations form.

37. When all the instruments in an ensemble are playing in the same rhythm, the process is called
A. ostinato.
B. homorhythm.
C. monotone.
D. kebyar.

38. The term _______ is an Italian word meaning "joke."
A. scherzo
B. forte
C. rondo
D. fortissimo

39. Tony says that a distinguishing characteristic of the Stradivarius violin is the nature of the wood from which it's made. Shin Lee says that it's the shape of the f holes that gives the instrument its distinct characteristic. Who is correct?

A. Both Tony and Shin Lee are correct.
B. Only Shin Lee is correct.
C. Neither Tony nor Shin Lee is correct.
D. Only Tony is correct.

40. Eldon says that Berry Gordy founded Motown records to produce big band recording artists. Will says that Gordy founded Motown to produce R&B musicians. Who is correct?

A. Only Eldon is correct.
B. Only Will is correct.
C. Neither Eldon nor Will is correct.
D. Both Eldon and Will are correct

41. A group of instruments or voices with similar timbres within the ensemble is the

A. tenors.
B. orchestra.
C. section.
D. voicing.

42. The _______ is the second act of the sonata form.

A. exposition
B. development
C. recapitulation
D. coda

43. Which one of the following composers sometimes featured American folk melodies in his compositions?

A. Aaron Copland
B. John Coltrane
C. Charlie Parker
D. Xavier Cugat

44. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square dancing.

A. corrido
B. stomp
C. hoedown
D. broadside

45. When we hear three or more notes played simultaneously, we're hearing a

A. polyphonic texture.
B. monophonic line.
C. chord.
D. melody

46. The third section of the sonata form is referred to as the

A. cadenza.
B. finale.
C. variation.
D. recapitulaton.

47. Which one of the following is the name used for a Javanese instrumental group?

A. Cantor
B. Mambo
C. Gamelan
D. Kajar

48. An example of African American syncretism is

A. rhyme singing.
B. a capella chorale.
C. treble singing.
D. call-and-response

49. The text of an opera is called the

A. libretto.
B. vibrato.
C. buffa.
D. program.

50. A _______ is a type of folk song that tells a story.

A. hoedown
B. canon
C. ballad
D. broadside

51. In the 1920s, Schoenberg developed the new system for organizing music called

A. 12-tone composition.
B. atonal closure.
C. monodrama.
D. 12-bar blues.

52. Which one of the following represents the most important element of sonata form?

A. Use of Latin texts
B. Development of themes
C. Doctrine of affects
D. Use of word painting

53. Who wrote The Nutcracker?

A. Boris Gudonov
B. Felix Mendelssohn
C. Piotr Tchaikovsky
D. Alexandr Pushkin

54. By the time he/she was 17 years of age, _______ had already written the Octet for Strings, op.20.

A. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
B. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
C. Felix Mendelssohn
D. Joseph Haydn

55. Every mass political movement since the _______ has had its songs.

A. Renaissance
B. Civil War
C. French Revolution of 1789
D. Revolutionary War

56. The estampie and the saltarello are two forms of

A. Italian musical instruments.
B. syllabic text-setting.
C. medieval dances.
D. African musical instruments.

57. The rhythmic patterns of Indian music are called

A. tablas.
B. talas.
C. pungis.
D. veenas.

58. _______ is designed for performance in an intimate setting.

A. Opera buffa
B. Opera seria
C. Chamber music
D. Symphony

59. Verdi uses three distinct types of melody in La Traviata, Act 1: declamatory, virtuosic, and

A. staccato.
B. twelve tone.
C. lyrical.
D. ostinato.

60. The result of the fusion of rhythm and blues and honky tonk was

A. reggae.
B. jazz.
C. rock 'n' roll.
D. hip hop.

61. The musical work that depicts an artist being led to his execution is

A. Cherry Blossom.
B. Schubert's "Erlkönig."
C. Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique.
D. Cage's 4'33''.

62. The music of Philip Glass is written mostly in the _______ style.

A. post-Romantic
B. expressionist
C. impressionist
D. minimalist

63. Julio wants the chorus to sing a section of music very softly. What will Julio write in that section to convey his wishes?

A. mp
B. p
C. pp
D. f

64. The _______ of a song are often referred to as stanzas.

A. beats
B. measures
C. verses
D. notes

65. Another word for the "color" of music is

A. tone.
B. texture.
C. dynamics.
D. timbre.

66. A form of polyphony consisting of two or more rhythmically interlocking voices is the

A. Ituri.
B. Mbuti.
C. hocket.
D. ostinato.

67. The Broadway musical is descended from the

A. oratorio

B. operetta

C. aria

D. recitative

68. ______is a joining of two influences, European and African.

A. Hip hop

B. Blues

C. Jazz

D. Rhythm and blues

69. Which of the following composers wrote The Four Seasons?

A. Bach

B. Vivaldi

C. Handel

D. Verdi

70. The ______ voice is the highest voice in vocal music.

A. alto

B. soprano

C. tenor

D. Bass

71. According to your textbook, which composer is considered to be the most controversial composer who ever lived?

A. Beethoven

B. Wagner

C. Verdi

D. Cage

72. In music, the Italian term for "loud" is

A. piano

B. fortissimo

C. mezzo

D. forte

73. Von Bingen's Play of Virtues is a good example of a type of music called

A. recitation

B. wenchang

C. vocal quartet

D. plainchant

74. Dylan says that the conga and cachiche are non-pitched intruments. Lyla says that the cowbell and cymbal are non-pitched instruments. Who is correct?

A. Neither Dylan nor Lyla is correct

B. Both Dylan and Lyla are correct

C. Only Lyla is correct

D. Only Dylan is correct

75. A synthesis of Chinese musical elements and European-American idioms is found in

A. Tan Dun's "Farewell"

B. The Reunion

C. Cherry Blossom

D. Glass's Etudes

76. The Italian word for "prayer hall", which refers to a piece of music that includes recitatives, arias, and choruses, is

A. opera

B. operetta

C. oratorio

D. opera buffa

77. The character of sound is referred to as its

A. line

B. texture

C. timbre

D. pitch

78. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write in the score?

A. Da Capo

B. All

C. Coda

D. Tutti

79.   The text pattern of ***** *****'s "Terraplane Blues" is typical of songs in the

A. 12-bar blues.
B. 8-to-the-bar pattern.
C. blue-note melody.
D. European classical tradition

80.   Which of the following was typically used in the symphonic finale in the Classical Era?

A. Rondo
B. Minuet
C. Fugue
D. Tremolo

81.   Notes in a major key are considered to be _______ notes.

A. bland
B. flat
C. sad
D. happy

82.   An example of African American syncretism is

A. call-and-response.
B. treble singing.
C. a capella chorale.
D. rhyme singing

83.   Which composer drew heavily on northern European mythology, including many of the same sources used by J.R.R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings?

A. Wagner
B. Vivaldi
C. Verdi
D. Berlioz

84.   An example of a percussion instrument is the

A. piano.
B. clarinet
C. trumpet.
D. shawm.

85.   The binary form in Haydn's Symphony no. 102 in B flat major, third movement, is represented by


86.   The term _______ refers to the variety of short piano forms comprising Frederic Chopin's repertory.

A. character piece
B. arial
C. impromptu fantasy
D. ballad

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Hello dear client,

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Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello dear client,
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You only get so many characters initially to ask your question. If they all get answered and they all check out I would definitely be willing to say thank you Smile

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Thanks Jabi!

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Hello dear client, I am working on your questions and will soon post another list of answers. -Jabi

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Working on the other questions :)


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Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Following are the correct answers; 18. B. anacrusis. 19. C. pentatonic 20. A. notes. 21. D. a capella. 22. B. seventeenth 23. B. hook. 24. B. call-and-response 25. A. A B A 26. A. extravagance and ornamentation. 27. B. pitch. 28. A. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes. 29. C. cantata 30. D. Messiah Working on other questions :) -Jabi

Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Hello, Following are the answers; 31. A. vamp. 32. B. Strophe 33. D. raga 34. D. scale. 35. C. Jingju. 36. C. periodic phrase structure. 37. B. homorhythm. 38. A. scherzo 39. C. Neither Tony nor Shin Lee is correct. 40. B. Only Will is correct. Working on the questions :) -Jabi

Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Bty if you're curious, 13 is D. tambura (I googled it while I was waiting)Smile

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Thank you so much for telling me, i really appreciate it :) Following are the answers :) 41. D. voicing. 42. B. development 43. A. Aaron Copland 44. C. hoedown 45. C. chord. 46. D. recapitulaton. 47. C. Gamelan 48. D. call-and-response 49. A. libretto. 50. C. ballad . -Jabi

Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Hello, Following are the answers; 51. A. 12-tone composition. 52. B. Development of themes 53. C. Piotr Tchaikovsky 54. C. Felix Mendelssohn 55. D. Revolutionary War 56. C. medieval dances. 57. B. talas. 58. C. Chamber music 59. C. lyrical. 60. C. rock 'n' roll. -Jabi

Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Hello, 61. C. Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique. 62. D. minimalist 63 C. pp 64 C. verses 65 D. timbre. 66 C. hocket. 67 B. operetta 68 C. Jazz 69 B. Vivaldi 70 B. soprano -Jabi

Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Hello, 71. B. Wagner 72. D. forte 73. D. plainchant 74. C. Only Lyla is correct 75. A. Tan Dun's "Farewell" 76. C. oratorio 77 A. line 78 D. Tutti 79 Not sure  80 A. Rondo . -Jabi

Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

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Jabi and 3 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

32 of these were on the final that was 40 questions total, you got 6 wrong. 8 others not listed here were also on the final (I got all those right) Giving me an 85% on the test. I appreciate your help. This is my first time on here, I intend to use this site again. Cheers!

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

Hello dear client, I am glad that you got 85%, thank you for the tip :) To request my help, just put "For Jabi" I will reply ASAP and would love to help you again. -Jabi

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