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Dr. Steve
Dr. Steve, Tutor
Category: Homework
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Experience:  Ph.D., M.A., B.A.
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I need a 4 page MLA format paper for 11th grade English on

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Dr. Steve, I need a 4 page MLA format paper for 11th grade English on the American Identity. The prompt is "Every culture is defined by its unique identity. These identities are shaped by historical and societal forces that differ across time and place. Even within a broader culture there are sub-cultures that have their own unique histories and traditions. As Americans we live in an incredibly diverse country that has several regional and international influences, however, there is a broader American identity that reflects our shared experiences. Discuss what this American identity is and how you think it developed. How has it remained the same throughtout history, and how has it changed? How might it change in the future? How might it remain the same?" This is needed by Monday pm, Sept. 5. Bonus given. Thanks
Dear Tina,

It is good to hear from you once again. I can have your report completed on schedule.

For reports in general, I request 10 cents a word -- as they take many hours to complete. If this works for you, you can simply add the additional amount for the additional word count to the bonus after you accept the report. (The completed report would be in the range of 790 words.)

Hope all is going well.

Speak to you soon,

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dear Dr. Steve,


Thanks for responding. I will add additional amount to the bonus.



Thank you, Tina. I will be sure to have the report posted on schedule.

Have a good weekend,
Dear Tina,

I am just dropping a line to let you know that I am continuing to work on the report and hope to have it posted within the next three hours.

Also, the actual word count appears as if it will be approximately 1,400 words in total.

Speak to you soon,
Dear Tina,

I will definitely have the report completed within the next 90 minutes. I am simply reviewing the final draft and will soon have it posted.
Dear Tina,

I will definitely have the report completed within the next 60 minutes. I am running a bit behind as I underestimated the length of the report, although I will have the final draft posted within the next hour.

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