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. The word yoga means _______ in Sanskirt. (Points 1)

Resolved Question:

. The word yoga means _______ in Sanskirt. (Points : 1)

2. Yoga is a multidimensional system that includes: Select all that apply. (Points : 1)
Breathing practices, known as pranayama
Meditation techniques
Moral precepts
Priests who conduct specific rituals
Physical poses, known as asanas
Temples where yoga teachers learn

3. Which of the following mind-body therapies are based on ancient yoga techniques? Select all that apply. (Points : 1)
Art therapy
Guided imagery

4. What is the type of yoga most commonly practiced in North America? (Points : 1)
Hatha yoga
Jnana yoga
Karma yoga
Raja yoga

5. Hatha yoga consists primarily of ___________. (Points : 1)
The study of sacred teachings
Breathing exercises
Poses known as asanas
Ceremonial rituals and meditation

6. Which of these is NOT a likely theory of how yoga affects health? (Points : 1)
The role of social support
Healing presence
The relaxation response
The placebo response

7. Among yoga’s documented effects are muscle relaxation, decreased heart rate, blood pressure, plasma cholesterol, blood glucose as well as increased mean skin temperature and alpha index on the EEG. (Points : 1)

8. Which of these is NOT an issue when using Western clinical trial methodology to study the effects of Yoga? (Points : 1)
It is difficult to sort out which yoga practices are responsible for which effects.
Most yoga is personalized to the individual.
Some results such as greater spiritual peace are difficult to measure.
There is a shortage of trained yoga instructors.

9. Which of these are benefits of practicing yoga? Select all that apply. (Points : 1)
Increased strength and flexibility
Better balance and coordination
Better lung function and heightened cardiovascular conditioning
Stress reduction

10. Which of these are cautions to tell patients concerning the practice of yoga? Select all that apply. (Points : 1)
Not all styles of yoga are appropriate for everyone.
Some yoga postures, such as headstand, pose risks for some patients.
Some medications increase the risks of some yoga practices.
Some styles of yoga emphasize principles of alignment.

11. Which of the following is NOT a good practice to follow to avoid yoga injuries? (Points : 1)
Always try your hardest
Follow basic alignment principles
Avoid contraindicated practices
Stay mindful, monitoring sensations from your joints and muscles

12. Given that yoga certification and licensing is not standardized, potential yoga students should ask the teacher to describe the style of yoga they teach and the teacher training they have received. (Points : 1)
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